Video of Angelababy smoking in private meeting divides opinion on why it’s even controversial


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A video of Hong Kong-based model and actress Angelababy smoking at a private event was widely circulated on September 15.

Interest in the video stemmed from the contrast it offered with the image of Angelababy, a sweet girl long cultivated by the star.

The actress, named Angela Yeung Wing, first rose to fame as a model in her teens.

What happened

In the video, the 33-year-old model was apparently chatting with friends at a murder mystery game room in Hangzhou, China.

She was then seen with a cigarette in her right hand that she occasionally lit.

The venue was presumably used for the private event.

Video posted by Hu Bingo

The video was first posted by fashion blogger Hu Bingo, who shared that Angelababy looked cool even when she smoked.

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The video was viewed 120 million times in one day.

Company apologized

It was later revealed that the video was secretly filmed by a former employee of the establishment.

On September 15, the establishment released a statement clarifying that the video of her smoking was taken by their ex-employee.

It also apologized, stressing that such incidents have never happened before and adding that it will better manage its staff.


Online commentators joked that smoking is a common habit and that if she does it in her private time and in a private space, it’s okay for her to smoke.

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Moreover, since the activity was legal, the discussion expanded to whether the criticism she received was even justified.

When the video of her smoking leaked, they also warned her online to take note of the people around her.

“As a celebrity, you have to be wary of the people you hang out with.”

“What’s Wrong With Smoking?”

“Smoking is normal.”

“There’s nothing wrong with smoking. The person who filmed this video doesn’t seem to have anything better to do.”

“There is no alcohol on the table, just normal drinks. They play a healthy game and don’t smoke in a public place. I don’t think there’s a problem with that.”

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Caught smoking several times before

According to Apple DailyAngelababy was first seen smoking in 2008 when she still had a fresh face and then vowed to quit smoking.

Then, over the years, she was caught smoking.

In 2021, Angelababy again made headlines for smoking at Sanya, when she was there on vacation with her friends.

Angelababy was previously married to Huang Xiaoming, a Chinese actor.

They broke up in January 2022.

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Top image via Angelababy/Facebook, YuLeQuanTanBan/Weibo.