Video Shows Missing Cat, Triggers Owner’s Doorbell Camera in Surprise Return Home


A missing cat proved she wasn’t missing after all with a warm return to her home in New York.

Stefanie Whitley, a Long Island woman who owns 8-year-old cat Lily, said her beloved cat went missing about two weeks after a recent move to Mastic Beach, WPIX-TV reported.

Her suspicions were spot on, but despite being gone for four days, Lily later proved to her family that she would not leave them in their new home.

Whitley said she and her family were “shocked” when their Ring doorbell was activated one night.

A Ring doorbell notification appeared on their TV, revealing that Lily had returned to their front door.

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You can see Lily pawing at the doorbell and waiting for her to be let into her house downstairs.

“We were all gasping. We were laughing. We were emotional. We were crying. It was a great moment,” Whitley said.

Whitley explained to People that Lily seemed to “imitate” her children and meowed “mother” at the camera upon her return.

Whitley told WPIX-TV she isn’t sure how Lily found the family home, but she thinks she understands how Ring works.

“Every time the alert goes off, she looks at the door. She knows what she’s doing,’ Whitley said.


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