(VIDEO) Texas Sends 2 Buses of Illegal Immigrants to VP Kamala Harris’ Home


Texas Governor Greg Abbott sent two buses carrying illegal immigrants to Vice President Kamala Harris’ residence in Washington DC.

The buses are coming from Eagle Pass, Texas, one of the busiest crosswalks on the southern border and the location of a recent video showing Border Patrol agents opening a gate and letting dozens of illegal immigrants into the country after Texas National Guard agents sealed it off. .

The journey brought about 75 to 100 illegal immigrants within yards of Harris’ home.

TBEN News national correspondent Griff Jenkins posted a video purportedly of the illegal immigrants arriving on the scene, with someone even telling him he believes the border is “open.”

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Buses of illegal immigrants arrive at Kamala Harris’s home

Greg Abbott sending buses of illegal immigrants to Vice President Kamala Harris’s home marks an escalation in his tactics to bring the border crisis to the doorstep of blue sanctuary towns.

“Two buses carrying migrants from Texas arrived at the Naval Observatory in DC this morning,” he announced on Twitter.

Abbott explained: “We are sending migrants to her backyard to call on the Biden administration to do its job [and] secure the border.”

That’s really all he asked for with this political trick. Do your job, Mr. President. Either you or your worthless borderline crook has to find a solution.

Abbott has previously transported illegal immigrants to refugee cities like New York City, Chicago and of course Washington, D.C.

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser was so distraught by the number of illegal immigrants showing up in her town that she twice asked for help from the National Guard.

Bowser declared a state of emergency last week because of the influx.

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Harris claims the border is safe

Abbott’s move sends a strong message to Harris and contradicts recent claims she made about security on the southern border.

She recently told NBC’s Chuck Todd that “the border is safe” and blamed the previous administration for the current crisis that was under control when Trump was in the White House.

“The border is safe, but we also have a broken immigration system, especially the last four years before we came in and that needs to be fixed,” Harris said.

It was a claim so ridiculous that Democrat Senator Joe Manchin had to label it “all wrong.”

With buses carrying illegal immigrants being dropped off outside her hometown, Kamala Harris learns firsthand that the border isn’t safe. She will never admit it, but the optics are a feast for the eyes.

Here’s one of the migrants telling Jenkins that the border is wide open because “we come in, we come in, free — no problem.”

Not a problem for him, but a busload of problems for Americans who think they live in a sovereign nation.

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Townhall Media kindly put together video to be used in political ads for Republicans across the country as the midterm elections approach.

Abbott’s ploy to send buses to the Vice President’s house comes about because Florida Governor Ron DeSantis sent two planes full of illegal immigrants to deep-blue Martha’s Vineyard just hours ago.

Democrats have argued that sending illegal immigrants to their cities is “inhumane” and “racist”.

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