Videos: Large Crowd Gathers for San Francisco Victorian Home Moving Day


SAN FRANCISCO (TBEN SF) – To cheers from spectators lined up along its route, a 139-year-old Victorian San Francisco home made its way down Franklin Street on Sunday as teams gently moved the structure into his new setting on Fulton Street.

The move – according to the Historical Society of San Francisco, the first in town in nearly 50 years – created a buzz on social media and an avalanche of posts.

Simon Willison posted a photo of the large crowd that had gathered.

Dozens of videos have been posted on the almost 7 block move.

Dumitru Erhan wrote: “Not much, just a giant house running through San Francisco.”

toddenfreude joked about the recent exodus of residents during the COVID-19 shutdown – “The mass exodus from San Francisco is real. Even the houses are leaking!

Parlay Brand posted: “So I’m spending #BaconAndBlunts this #Soulful Sunday, watching people hoop and soccer, and this Victorian house is taking to the streets. Only in San Francisco #Frisco »

Roweena D’Souza posted a picture of a tricky turning maneuver and posted: “Nothing to see here except an entire Victorian house trying to turn left #SanFrancisco”

Teresa and Dan Newmark and their 7-year-old daughter, Madeleine, were among those who gathered to watch the move.

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“It’s like a Mardi Gras procession,” Dan Newmark told the San Francisco Chronicle.

“It’s a one-off type thing in a lifetime,” Teresa added. “This is what you hear about when an earthquake hits.”

The San Francisco broker and Victorian owner Tim Brown had to pay approximately $ 200,000 for the permits and miscellaneous costs involved in the move.

The former Home site, located at 807 Franklin St.

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