VIEW | Ramaphosa urges NEC to ‘acknowledge shortcomings and failures’ at December conference | TBEN

  • President Cyril Ramaphosa warned the ANC NEC to be candid about its work over the past five years — and admit its shortcomings.
  • He delivered the closing speech at the last regular meeting of the NEC.
  • Ramaphosa said only an honest assessment would help move the party forward.

President Cyril Ramaphosa called on the ANC’s National Executive Committee (NEC) to be honest about its shortcomings as the leadership delivers its organizational and political report to delegates at next month’s election conference.

“We must ensure that our political and organizational reports are candid, critical and comprehensive so that we can empower delegates to create a program that takes our movement into a new phase of renewal and reconstruction,” Ramaphosa said.

On Sunday, he delivered the closing remarks at the NEC meeting, which was held this weekend in Nasrec, south of Johannesburg.

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While this NEC was expected to focus primarily on readiness for the impending conference, most of the deliberations centered around the charges Ramaphosa is dealing with regarding Phala Phala.

There was an attempt to force the president to step aside, but it was thwarted by his allies.

Zweli Mkhize was also under fire, with the integrity committee expected to submit its Digital Vibes report.

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But both the Phala Phala and Digital Vibes reports were not submitted, with the committee saying it needed more time for the first report, but no clear reason was given for not submitting the Digital Vibes report.

As such, the agenda of this last regular meeting of the NEC was not finalized, and it is expected that there will be a special NEC meeting before the conference.

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Ramaphosa said the outgoing NEC had another month at the helm and had to ensure that it prepared comprehensive reports “to delegates on the implementation of the mandate given to us at the 54th National Conference” during this time.

Ramaphosa said:

This report will be greatly enriched by the discussions we have had here, and our report will reflect that this NEC has faced serious challenges. We can point to different achievements and progress in different areas. Yet at the same time, we will have to recognize our shortcomings and our failures as NEC, as we also point out some of the areas where we have made real progress.

He added that the NEC welcomed the report on the preparation of the 55th National Conference, to be held from December 16-20.

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Ramaphosa thanked the thousands of ANC members who had gathered at their division’s general assemblies over the past few weeks to elect delegates to the national conference and to nominate people for election to the NEC.

He added that “some departments took the time to discuss the substantive issues that will also be discussed at the electoral conference, including organizational reform, constitutional amendments, and the ANC’s strategies and tactics on the transformation program.”

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Ramaphosa described the upcoming conference as a “moment of great significance for the ANC and our country”.

He said:

It will show the ANC’s internal democratic processes at work and the dedication of ANC members to the renewal and unity of our organization.


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