Vigil planned for missing mother Ana Walshe in Cohasset


COHASSET – The weeks-long search for Ana Walshe has hit the close-knit Cohasset like a wave.

“I think at first everyone was hoping this was a mistake and she would come home,” said Deborah Loring. “But as the days went by and the details came out, you just realized there was this evil.”

Each tragic submit the researchthat consumes this peaceful community.

“It was particularly gory and shocking to find out what they found in Peabody. It really cast a shadow over the place,” said Loring. ‘It’s a very small town. Most of us will drive past it every day. You look inside and you think, this poor woman.’

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In a sense, the initial concerns and fears for Ana’s safety have shifted; so much of that worry and fear is now for the good of three precious children.

“I’m a mom and that’s the part that’s really devastating to me when I think about it,” said Maura Young. “They don’t have either parent at the moment. Innocent until proven guilty, but it doesn’t look good.”

The Children and Family Department confirmed the three Walshe boys, aged two, four and six, are in state custody.

Cohaset meets on Thursday, seeking some solace in a sense of community. A vigil will be held at 4:30 PM on the Cohasset Town Common

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“We all feel the same emotions and that’s OK,” said Father Will Sexton of St. Anthony’s Parish. “It’s okay to have questions, it’s okay to be angry, upset or scared. To accept that and come together, helping each other and relying on each other and of course doing it with the help and power that comes from God that we not being able to.” do this yourself.”

The friends who know Ana Walshe best describe the way she cares for her. And that’s what supportive neighbors want those loved ones to feel.

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“A show of solidarity that this community cares about her, cares about her children, wants to make sure that her parents, and her friends and her family, especially in Serbia, know that we care about her,” Loring said.

Brian Walshe, Ana’s husband, is currently being held on $500,000 bond on charges of misleading investigators in the case. He pleaded not guilty at his arraignment Monday in Quincy District Court.