Vigo County Prison Log: November 9, 2022


November 9 – The following individuals were booked by local police at the Vigo County Jail on Saturday and Sunday based on prison records. Charges are recommended by arresting officers, but are not final until the Vigo County Prosecutor reviews the case and files official charges.


* Kristy D. Halter, 42, 400 block of N. Ohio St., Onley, Illinois. Booked at 11:51 am Theft, counterfeiting and fraud.

* Ronnie Lee Lafleur, 39, 600 block from N. Chamberlain St., Terre Haute. Booked 5:53 PM Possession of marijuana, hash oil, hashish or salvia and possession of methamphetamine.

* Leroy Presley Jr., 34, 1500 block of S. 18th St., Terre Haute. Booked at 8:18 PM Didn’t show up.

* Marcus R. Chambers, 51, 3400 block of Indiana 42, Shelburn. Booked at 8:55 PM Conversion.

* Sahara M. Wolfe, 37, 6300 block from E. Woodsmall, Terre Haute. Booked at 9:18 PM Small claims.

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*Phyliss M. Jenkins, 51, 3000 block of N. 15 1/2 St., Terre Haute. Booked at 9:28 PM Harassment and invasion of privacy.

* Vanessa K. Tapp, 22, no address available. Booked at 11:50pm Law Enforcement Resistance.


* Alicia A. Mezera, 22, 9000 block of Sheridan Ave., Brookfield, Illinois. Booked at 1:28 am. Driving a vehicle with an alcohol concentration equivalent of 0.15 or more and driving a vehicle while endangering a person.

* James R. Williams, 66, 1300 block from Sycamore Ave., Terre Haute. Booked at 1:53 am Driving while suspended and driving a vehicle while intoxicated puts a person in danger.

* Kyle James Alumbaugh, 31, 1200 block from S. 10th St., Terre Haute. Booked 2:26 am Driving a vehicle while intoxicated (two counts).

* Teniifenimi V. Alabi, 21, 2500 block of S. 25th St., Terre Haute. Booked at 6:32 am Driving a vehicle while drunk.

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* Melisa I. Lydick, 46, 600 block from S. Seventh St., West Terre Haute. Booked 14:46 False information.

* Michael Zook, 38, 21700 block Jackson St., Terre Haute. Booked 4:13 pm Out of county warrant.

* Alaya N. Whitehead, 24, 130 block from S. 15th St., Terre Haute. Booked at 6:11pm Didn’t show up.

* Steven L. Drengacs, 36, 50 block W. Trinity Ave., Clinton. Booked 6:15 PM Invasion of privacy.

* Zachary C. Schlotta, 29, 1400 block Spruce St., Terre Haute. Booked 7:32 PM Theft (two counts).

* Donald L. Whitaker, 56, 600 block from S. Sixth St., West Terre Haute. Booked 19:35 Harassment, criminal recklessness and incarceration.

* Zachariah Harris, 40, 1600 block from Third Ave., Terre Haute. Booked at 8:18pm Reckless driving, driving a vehicle while drunk and refusing to identify yourself.

* Riannon M. Kuykendall, 24, 6000 block of N. Twin Beach St., Brazil. Booked 20:25 Theft and unauthorized access of a motor vehicle.

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* Tyler A. Lloyd, 32, 2800 Dean Ave., Terre Haute. Booked at 9:17 pm Domestic battery.

* Ronnie F. Scott, 52, 900 block Upchurch, Terre Haute. Not appear.

* Jay Michael C. Lewis, 28, no address available. Recorded 9:50 PM Domestic Violence (two counts), strangulation, home entry, theft (two counts), sexual battery, resisting law enforcement, escape from lawful detention, disorderly conduct, invasion of privacy (three counts), resisting law enforcement and possession of marijuana.

* Shane M. Rodman, 27, 17800 block Voorhees, Harmony. Booked 9:56 pm Driving while suspended, possession of methamphetamine, possession of marijuana, operating a vehicle while intoxicated, operating with controlled substance in body and possession of paraphernalia.

By law, criminal charges are only accusations and the accused is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.