Volkswagen Taigun vs Skoda Kushaq vs Kia Seltos vs Hyundai Creta vs Renault Duster vs Nissan Kicks: Price Comparison


Pricing for the Volkswagen Taigun has finally been announced and while not exactly aggressive, it does appear to be competitive. Just how much? Let’s compare the new Taigun with each of its rivals to find out.

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The price of the Volkswagen Taigun is between Rs. 10.50 lakh and Rs. 17.50 lakh (ex-showroom)

The Volkswagen Taigun is finally here after more than a year and a half of waiting. The model has been eagerly awaited and promises a lot of driving pleasure, energetic engines and a feature-rich cabin. It looks good too, and there’s a lot of chrome on the exterior to appeal to the quintessential Indian shopper. VW India has finally announced the prices and the range starts from ₹ 10.50 lakh, up to ₹ 17.50 lakh (ex-showroom, India). Now these prices aren’t exactly aggressive, but they seem competitive. Just how much? Let’s compare the new Taigun with each of its segment rivals to find out.

Volkswagen Taigun Price Dynamic Line 1.0 STI 1.5 TSI Performance Range
Taigun 1.0 TSI Comfort Line ₹ 10.50 lakh
Taigun 1.0 TSI Highline MT ₹ 12.80 lakh
Taigun 1.0 TSI Highline AT ₹ 14.10 lakh
Taigun 1.0 TSI Topline MT ₹ 14.57 lakh
Taigun 1.0 TSI Topline AT ₹ 15.91 lakh
Taigun 1.5 TSI GT Line ₹ 15 lakh
Taigun 1.5 TSI GT Line Plus ₹ 17.50 lakh

Note: The Tata Harrier is on the sidelines as it doesn’t have a gasoline engine option, while we also skipped the MG Hector as a more direct competitor – MG Astor – is expected to arrive in a few weeks.

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The Skoda Kushaq is a brother of the Taigun and gets the same price as the Volkswagen Taigun

Volkswagen Taigun vs Skoda Kushaq – ₹ 10.50 – ₹ 18 Lakh

Begin this comparison with a sibling rivalry. The Kushaq and Taigun share the same fundamentals, the same engine options, and even the list of features. This makes the models closely matched in terms of price. Both models start at the same asking price of 10.50 lakh for the 1.0-liter version, but Volkswagen manages to cut Skoda by around 30,000 on the top end. The Taigun 1.0 Topline AT is priced at 15.91 lakh, while the comparable Kushaq 1.0 Style AT with six airbags and TPMS is priced at ₹ 16.20 lakh. Volkswagen is also offering the 1.5 TSI at a more accessible price of ₹ 15 lakh for the GT Line MT, which is a good ₹ 1.2 lakh cheaper than the Kushaq 1.5 Style MT. The top-of-the-line Taigun 1.5 GT Plus DSG also reduces the Kushaq’s DSG styling by 50,000.


The Kia Seltos is the sportiest SUV on sale in the segment and prices are competitive on offer

Skoda Kushaq vs. Kia Seltos – 9.95 lakh – ₹ 17.74 lakh

The second best-selling model in the segment is the Kia Seltos. Sporty, well designed and packed with features, the SUV ticks all the right boxes and there are plenty of them on the road, too. The entry-level HTE finish is basic but undermines the Taigun at ₹ 9.95 lakh, while the HTX 1.5 IVT is priced at a more accessible ₹ 14.75 lakh. The GTX (O) MT starts from 15.45 lakh, which is around 45,000 more than the Taigun GT Line MT, while the two-tone 1.4 GTX (O) DCT costs 17.74 lakh and is slightly more expensive.

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The Hyundai Creta remains a segment favorite for the masses despite premium pricing on top variants

Volkswagen Taigun vs Hyundai Creta – 10.16 lakh – ₹ 17.87 lakh

Moving on to the segment leader, the next-gen Hyundai Creta remains a hot seller and dethroning this one won’t be an easy task for any new rival. The model offers 1.5-liter naturally aspirated and 1.4-liter turbo gasoline engine options in five trim levels, as well as a variety of transmission options. The new Creta is however more affordable at ₹ 10.16 lakh for the bare 1.5 E variant, while the top-end 1.5 SX (O) version with the IVT gearbox will set you back ₹ 16.82 lakh. The 1.4 turbo range starts from 16.83 lakh and goes all the way up to ₹ 17.87 lakh for the high-end SX (O) 7-speed DCT. The Taigun 1.5 GT Plus is 17,000 cheaper in comparison.


The Renault Duster remains a sorted SUV with robust dynamics and an attractive price as well

Volkswagen Taigun vs Renault Duster – 9.86 lakh – ₹ 14.25 lakh

A bit long in the tooth, but the Renault Duster remains a compelling buy for its strong driving dynamics and rugged nature. It is also only gasoline since the BS6 upgrade. Prices for the 1.5 liter naturally aspirated grinder start at ₹ 9.86 lakh and go up to ₹ 10.46 lakh. Meanwhile, it’s the new 1.3-liter turbo gasoline that has more meat and starts at 11.27 lakh, going all the way up to 14.25 lakh. While it undermines the Taigun by a fair margin, the feature list isn’t as extensive.

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The Nissan Kicks 1.3 Turbo significantly outperforms its competitors

Volkswagen Taigun vs Nissan Kicks – 9.50 lakh – ₹ 14.65 lakh


A brother of the Renault Duster, the Nissan Kicks looks impressive on the highway and also has a sympathetic design. And it’s even better with this 1.3-liter turbo gasoline, especially in the automatic CVT version. Prices for the naturally aspirated 1.5-liter Nissan manual, however, start at ₹ 9.50 lakh, going all the way up to ₹ 10 lakh. Meanwhile, the most engaging petrol 1.3 lineup starts from ₹ 12.10 lakh and goes up to ₹ 14.65 lakh. The feature list makes you want more.

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