Wanda Sykes mocks Trump’s eulogy for Diamond on ‘Daily Show’


Last week, Saturday Night Live alum Leslie Jones kicked off her week as co-host of The daily show as only she could by against the sexually suggestive statue of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to wave. Starting this Monday, it was comedian Wanda Sykes’s turn behind the desk – and she found equally fertile comic ground in an unlikely place.

“Normally I don’t find funerals funny,” she began, only that premise made her laugh. “But here’s a story about a funeral that I found hilarious.”

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Sykes, of course, was talking about the unexpected passing of Lynette Hardaway, better known as “Diamond” of MAGA duo Diamond and Silk. “You know, those two sisters who always show up at [Donald Trump’s] rallies, praising him on TV, putting the black race back 50 years,” she said. “You know those two.”

With that, she played a clip of Trump’s eulogy of Diamond’s funeral over the weekend, in which he claimed he “knew Diamond” but “didn’t know Silk at all.”

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Sykes shook her head and replied, ‘Oh my God! Trump came to that funeral like, “Diamond is dead, but I’m going to bury Silk.” There’s room for two in that chest.’”

“I mean come on, to say you know Diamond but don’t know Silk is wild because they are always together!” she continued. “That’s like saying, ‘I know Bert, but I’ve never heard of that Ernie guy, what’s his deal?’

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Sykes said that “knowing Trump, he probably only has room for one black woman at a time in his head,” joking that he probably tuned into her monologue thinking, “Wow, Diamond’s hosting The daily show. A week ago she was dead, but thanks to me she has risen!”


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