Want to know what Drake smells like? Check out his brand of candles to find out


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There are few little joys in life better than coming home at the end of a long day and lighting a candle with a scent you truly love. Finding that perfect candle is always a tricky business with so many different scents on the market. Hip-hop star Drake wants to make that decision easier for you with his own line of scented candles. Drake’s brand, Better World Fragrance House, has several fragrance options, including Williamsburg Sleepover, Sweeter Tings, and the fragrance modeled after Drake himself, Carby Musk. Carby Musk is described as having a sweet, velvety musk scent with a light floral scent as well. Better World Fragrance House candles are designed with Trail Air technology to last longer in the air, even after the flame is extinguished. All of these candles are currently available on Nordstrom, but can sell out extremely quickly. Each candle comes in a navy blue glass container with simple gold lettering on the outside with the scent name of the candle. The candles themselves also last quite a long time with a burn time of more than 48 hours and possibly much more.

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