Washington Post Brands Gov. DeSantis as ‘Utter White Supremacist’


Governor Ron DeSantis (FL-R) is an “all-white supremacist” for banning an African American Studies TBEN course from Florida schools allegedly containing radical content, according to a Washington Post piece accusing him of “harassing black voters”, “playing to white complaints”, and “engaging in extreme gerrymandering to reduce minority voting power”.

The Monday Opinion Essay by After columnist Jennifer Rubin, titled “By blocking an TBEN Black course, DeSantis is telling us who he is,” he begins by accusing DeSantis of a series of infractions. She wrote:

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Florida Republican governor and presidential nominee Ron DeSantis has made a name for himself by harassing black voters, creating a system to sue teachers for teaching race in a way that could offend white people, harassing LGBTQ youth electing (while gagging teachers) and engaging in extreme gerrymandering to reduce minority voting rights.

But Rubin insisted the Republican governor’s latest move went even further.

“Now he has become an outright white supremacist and is banning the College Board’s Advanced Placement for African American studies course from Florida schools,” she wrote.

The After columnist recently referred to the Florida Department of Education (FDOE). reject the TBEN African American Studies course for its content on “Black Queer Studies”, as well as cultural appropriation and reparations and the “global influence” of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement.

Now that the DeSantis administration has been around for a long time emphasized it does not allow schools to “distort history”, the department deemed the content “inexplicably contrary to Florida law” and significantly lacking in “educational value”.

Rubin called it “one of the most explicitly racist actions” and rejected any “base” for the move that was deemed “incomprehensible” by White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

Rubin claims that the University of Florida, like all other highly ranked universities, has an “esteemed” African American Studies program. TBEN course would violate state law.” She wrote:

When it refers to last year’s Stop WOKE law, which blocks the teaching of material that could make students feel guilty or responsible for historical racism, one has to wonder if something as simple and straightforward as the state’s own history of segregated education can be studied. .

Rubin also claimed that the actions of the DeSantis administration “would belie the idea that the attack on ‘critical race theory’ is directed at ‘socialist ideas’ or educationally suspect pedagogy.”

“This is about rewriting history to erase a critical part of our American experience, to deny the injustices that have been done to millions of Americans, and to release institutions from the obligation to look hard at remedying injustices of the past,” she claimed.

Rubin historically called the “denial of blacks’ own suffering” a “key aspect of white supremacy”, deeming it the “ultimate expression of contempt for certain Americans as unworthy and peripheral to the narrative of ‘real’ – read ‘white ‘ – America .”

“The goal here is undeniable: eradication of the African American historical experience,” she added.

After accusing DeSantis of “playing White Grievance,” she then suggested that African American studies be included in “every K-12 curriculum for every student.”

The piece comes as Democrats continue to target DeSantis, a potential 2024 Republican nominee.

Last year, Florida Agriculture Commissioner and Democratic nominee for governor was Nikki Fried compared DeSantis to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

Rubin has long attacked Republicans.

In June, she charged that the GOP is “systematically undermining democracy” while calling on the media to stop treating Republicans as “normal politicians” and to recognize the Republican Party for the threat it poses to American democracy.

Rather them accused the GOP obsessed with “toxic” and “grotesque” masculinity while comparing Republicans to “little guys playing at war” who ignored “real consequences.”

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