Watch: Everton owner Farhad Moshiri refuses to support manager Frank Lampard


Lampard himself insisted he was ready to “dig in” as manager and help the club out of trouble, as he did in the last week of the season last season, insisting that he is not worried about Moshiri’s presence at the defeat. However, it is now 10 games without a win with the club in the relegation zone.

“It would be difficult for me to sit here and talk about the right direction because of the result,” he said. “We were on the skin of our teeth last year and were five points from safety with not many games left. I said we might stay where we are and I wondered if that’s competitive enough.

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“But for me, if you’re in a club where the club has gone down with serious investment, the conditions now are we don’t have that investment and we’ve sold our No. 9 and we’re trying to rebuild. That is Don’t say you start climbing stairs right away. It means you have to dig in as a club and I’m willing to dig in.”

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Jarrod Bowen scored both goals in the 2-0 win for West Ham, easing pressure from David Moyes after their seven-match run without a Premier League win. Before kick-off, it was revealed that Moshiri would be at his first game since October 2021, along with the other directors who missed their last game due to safety fears.