WATCH: Firefighters say there were no injuries as two apartments burn down on Florida Road in Durban


By Jolene Marriedah-Maharaj November 20, 2020

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Durban – The eThekwini Fire Department confirmed that no one was injured when two apartments caught fire on Florida Road in Durban on Friday morning.

According to eThekwini Fire Department Commander Nkulumo Dube, they arrived at the scene and found that an apartment on the fifth floor and one above on the sixth floor were indeed lit.

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“The fire is believed to have started in the fifth floor apartment,” Dube said.

“According to the occupants, the fire broke out in the electrical distribution panel and quickly emptied the whole apartment.

Dube said the apartment above was also partially damaged.

He said the occupants managed to escape as soon as the fire broke out on the fifth floor.

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“There was no occupant in the apartment on the sixth floor. This apartment was partially damaged. The windows smashed and most of the fitted wardrobes in one of the rooms were damaged.

He said five vehicles, including two fire trucks, were at the scene.

Dube said it took them about 10 minutes to put out the flames.

In another incident, in April this year, a doctor was killed when an apartment was set on fire on Durban’s waterfront.

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The deceased was found in the bathroom.

“The deceased had no visible burns and could have died from smoke inhalation, but this remains to be confirmed,” Dube concluded.

Another person who was rescued sustained gunshot wounds.



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