Watch out Tesla, Kia’s highly anticipated EV6 is finally available in Singapore


Watch out Tesla, Kia’s highly anticipated EV6 is finally available in Singapore

Kia is highly anticipated EV6 has finally arrived on our shores. If you don’t know what the EV6 is, here’s a quick introduction.

This is the brand’s flagship EV and it’s based on the company’s new dedicated electric platform, the E-GMP (Electric global modular platform).

One of the highlights of this platform is support for 350kW fast charging. Kia says it can take the EV6 out 10% to 80% charge in just 18 minutes. Rivals like Tesla and Porsche both need about 20 minutes.

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That undoubtedly sounds fantastic, but the problem is that the fastest chargers on our island currently exceed 150 kW. 350kW chargers are rare.

Not only that, they are reportedly very expensive to build and maintain, so it remains to be seen how many of them will make their way to Singapore.

(Image source: Kia)

Still, there are other things that are fun. The interior looks like a sensible mix of old and new two large 12.3-inch screens and special climate control. The luggage compartment, with the seats up, is 520 litres.

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The styling is also lovable and most people find it quite handsome. It somehow manages to look slim yet muscular. I suspect this has to do with the lines around the fenders.

(Image source: Kia)

The EV6 will be available in two variants here. There is a standard single-motor version and a long-haul twin-motor version, the GT Line.

The first has a single electric motor that produces 170hp and 350nm of torque and has a battery capacity of 58kWh which is good for about 528km (WLTP).

The latter has to produce dual electric motors 325hp and 605nm of torque enough for a 0-100 km/h sprint in 5.2 seconds. This model has a larger battery of 77.4 kWh, but has a slightly shorter range of 506 km (also WLTP) due to its added performance.

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Perhaps the EV6’s biggest rival is Tesla’s Model Y. While the Telsa is more practical in terms of carrying capacity, the EV6 offers a more traditional interior that some drivers will appreciate.

Availability and prices

The Kia EV6 is now available. The standard single engine version is priced at €253,999 while the long-distance dual motor version is €288,999. Prices include COE.


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