Watch: UAE urges all residents to take COVID-19 vaccine


Abu Dhabi: The UAE’s National Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA) reiterated the importance of getting the vaccine in its latest briefing.

Authorities on Tuesday said the vaccine was the only way to control and combat the severity and spread of the disease, given the new mutations in the virus and the expected effects.

NCEMA also said, regarding the elderly in the UAE: “Help us protect you, we can visit you at home to assess your condition and provide you with the vaccine.”

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New strains of COVID-19 have been detected in several countries around the world, health sector spokesperson Farida Al Hosani said in a weekly briefing. “The emergence of new strains is expected, but the most important thing is to continue efforts to identify any changes in the structure of the virus or its properties through surveillance and health monitoring systems,” she said. .

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She added that UAE health authorities continue to focus on early detection and rapid response to reduce the spread of the disease through contact tracing, isolation and quarantine procedures.


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