Watch: While you get swing advice from a stranger at the shooting range, Jason Day gets it from Tiger Woods


There are science nerds, math nerds, TV nerds and the list goes on. But there are also golf nerds (like many of you reading this).

Jason Day is a golf nerd. The Aussie is obsessed with the golf swing, always looking for that one thing to click. Well, luckily for him, one of his best friends on Tour (and in life) is one of them too.

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That would be Tiger Woods.

Woods has worked with swing coaches in the past, but he has also been his own coach. Record videos of his swing, splitting it frame by frame to see what he can improve upon.

Well, earlier this week at the Rocket Mortgage Classic, Day was asked how his conversations with Woods are going. He then pulled out his phone to show off his text messages with the GOAT. And for the most part, they are all about the golf swing.

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Rocket Mortgage Classic: PGA Tour Live on ESPN+

Story originally appeared on GolfWeek