“We left them to die in their hospital beds. I don’t know how I’m going to face God ‘


Suggestions that missiles are being fired by Eritrean forces address a larger issue in the conflict. The Eritrean dictator is a nemesis of the Tigrayan rulers and the strength of the country can fight to some extent alongside the Ethiopian federal government in a pincer movement with civilians caught in the middle.

The Tigray People’s Liberation Front launched missiles at Asmara, the Eritrean capital, last week, according to the regional president.

With the shutdown of internet and phone lines in Tigray and the crackdown on media freedom across Ethiopia, it’s impossible to know exactly what’s really going on.

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At least 35,000 people are believed to have fled across the border last week. At least 4,000 cross the border every day. The Sudanese government has said it is preparing to welcome 200,000 refugees in the coming days.

Refugees walk for days to safety on trails once used by those fleeing famine in the 1980s. More than half of them are exhausted women and children, carrying next to nothing.

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All of the witnesses the Telegraph spoke to now reside in what is known as Village 8, a makeshift refugee camp in Sudan’s Gedaref region.

The camp is a town that was originally built to accommodate local Sudanese displaced by the construction of a large Chinese dam nearby. But the city was never completed. Instead, at least 15,000 Ethiopians who have fled the fighting over the past two weeks, walking or swimming to safety, are now housed in concrete blocks without windows.

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Some of the health workers seeking asylum at the camp have started setting up their own makeshift clinics on the site. The roof of the clinic is broken and clouds of dust hang over a tangle of IV rubes hanging on temporary supports.



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