Week 18 Fantasy Football Preview: who plays and who rests?


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Matt Harmon is joined by Dalton Del Don and former NFL safety tank Williams to preview all NFL games from Week 18 for betting and DFS purposes.

Obviously Damar Hamlin’s health and the mental health of all NFL players and coaches hangs in this final week of football, and the guys take the time to discuss some positive updates and some stories from Tank’s playing career that provide a little more context about what comes next.

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However, with playoff berths on the line, the focus eventually shifts to the games and the motivations of each team heading into it. Some teams will use this week to rest their starters (Bucs, Giants, Chargers), some need a win to play again next week (Packers, Jaguars, Titans) and others just want to protect their placement or placement. possibly shift.

It’s a tough week to navigate, but the guys have provided you with plenty of suggestions and opinions to follow or fade in as you prepare for the football weekend.

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06:15 Leaders at Raiders

12:35 Vikings at Bears

15:50 Giants at Eagles

7:00 PM Patriots at Bills

28:00 Ravens at Bengal

35:45 Panthers at Saints

41:50 Ramming at Seahawks

45:50 Cowboys with commanders

49:45 Browns at Steelers

53:15 Buccaneers at Falcons

56:45 Cardinals at 49ers

61:20 Titans at Jaguars

65:15 Chargers at Broncos

67:25 Fighter jets at Dolphins

70:25 Texans at Colts

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72:20 Lions at Packers

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