West Bengal Assembly election 2021, Santipur profile: Congressman Arindam Bhattacharya jumped ship at BJP


Ajoy Dey of TMC is competing for the constituency in the poll to be held on April 17, the fifth of eight phases in the state

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The constituency of the Assembly of Santipur is in the district of Nadia in West Bengal. It is part of Ranaghat (SC) Lok Sabha constituency, but was previously part of Nabadwip Lok Sabha constituency.

In 2016, Santipur had a total of 2.41,506 registered voters and 264 voting booths.

Electoral participation in previous elections

The participation rate of the Santipur constituency in the 2016 Assembly elections was 86.61%.

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Results of past elections and winners

In the 2016 Assembly election, Congressman Arindam Bhattacharya won the Assembly constituency of Santipur. He defected from the BJP in January of this year. Graffiti appeared in Santipur asking Bhattacharya, a few days after his change of rank, to leave the premises within seven days on pain of death. “I’m afraid this is the work of the Trinamool Congress. The party realized that it was rapidly losing ground. Party leaders try to create an atmosphere of terror. I accept the challenge, ”said the MP.

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TMC’s Ajoy Dey is running for the constituency in the poll to be held on April 17, the fifth of eight phases in the state.

According to the 2011 census, Santipur had a population of 2,886,881, including 36.23% in rural areas and 63.77% in urban areas.

The West Bengal Assembly elections will take place in eight phases, down from seven last time, starting with the ballot for 30 seats on March 27. The second phase of the West Bengal Assembly elections is scheduled for April 1 and will cover 30 constituencies, followed by the third on April 6 for 31 seats, the fourth on April 10 for 44 constituencies, the fifth on April 17 for 45 seats, sixth for 43 seats on April 22, seventh phase on April 26 for 36 seats and final and eighth phase on April 29 for 35 seats.

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The election results will be announced on May 2.


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