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By Nathan Adams 21 min ago

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Cape Town – Grade 12 students in Western Cape are falling now and almost in the middle of their final exams period they have been told not to stress the math paper 2 which was leaked within hours before they are supposed to take the exam on Monday.

The national education ministry assured students and parents that they had investigated the matter, but the leaked examination document could have been shared in eight provinces within hours. In a statement, the ministry tried to allay fears of a rewrite and assured it would get to the bottom of the breach.

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“The investigative team is gathering evidence and a report will be submitted shortly. The ministry will seek the support of law enforcement agencies to help with the investigation, ”the ministry said.

Malibu high school student Jodi Rosseau said the exam paper leak had been hard to ignore this week.

“The math paper that was leaked makes it difficult for us as some of us went into the exam room with all the knowledge to tackle this paper. It’s a major bomb that is thrown at us if we have to rewrite, it makes things worse for most of us… seriously, that’s a concern for me, ”said Rosseau.

Elyas Ayyoub is in 12th grade at Bishops Diocesan College and said he was shocked to hear the news of the exam paper leaking.

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“I thought no, but they announced it was a bit under control and some of my friends then joked about how we might have to rewrite – I really hope that doesn’t happen.

The Western Cape Education Department (WCED) has not confirmed that the exam paper was disclosed to anyone in the province or whether learners or members of the public were being investigated in the Western Cape.

WCED spokesperson Bronagh Hammond said: “WCED cannot comment on the math article 2 leak… We are awaiting more information from them (the Department of Basic Education) . ”

Hammond reiterated once again that matrix finals and quizzes have strict security measures.

“To protect the integrity of the exams, a number of security measures are strictly observed. Each question paper is printed and wrapped immediately so that it cannot be tampered with. No mobile phones are allowed in the printing, packaging and distribution areas. “

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The President of the Association for the Teaching of Mathematics of South Africa, Professor Rajendran Govender, called on the students of the Matrix program to remain calm and not to worry at this stage of rewriting the math article 2.

“Neither of us knows which provinces are affected, except for the two announced in the media.” Govender said.

“The ministry must do its investigation because, sometimes, rumors spread. Until we get the facts from the Department of Education, which is conducting a thorough investigation, I have confidence in this system and we just need to be patient.

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