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Marriott Bonvoy Moments is a unique program that allows Marriott Bonvoy members to bid or directly buy a wide variety of experiences, from luxury clubs at sporting events to dinners at exclusive restaurants and even cooking classes with celebrity chefs.

It’s an attractive program for cardholders who want to use their points to buy more than airline tickets and hotel stays. But is this the best use of your Bonvoy points?

It is important to note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Bonvoy Moments program is currently on hiatus. Keep an eye on their website for updates on when he returns.

How it works

There are two different ways to purchase Marriott Bonvoy Moments experiences.


Auctions allow any Bonvoy member to use their points to bid on a particular experience, with the highest bidder winning the prize.

You can even automate this process by entering as many points as you are willing to spend. The program will automatically place bids for you until you win or bids exceed your limit.

Fixed price purchases

A fixed price experience has a fixed price that doesn’t change. Once you submit the required number of points, the experience is yours. Often there are a set number of places or packages available at the fixed price, so although exclusive it is rarely available for a single member.

What types of experiences can I buy?

The Marriott Bonvoy Moments program allows members to select experiences from five different categories:

  • Culinary: This includes everything from tickets to a food and wine festival to cooking classes with a celebrity chef.

  • Entertainment: This category includes items such as backstage passes and luxury seating at concerts or other exclusive shows.

  • Way of life: This includes cultural and travel experiences.

  • Sports: These moments include luxury gift boxes and VIP experiences at sporting events.

  • The partners: Experiences at all events hosted by Marriott’s partner companies, including the Chicago Cubs, NFL and events at Madison Square Garden.

Over the course of the year there will be new experiences to choose from taking place in locations around the world. The program runs all year round, so old experiences sell, new ones are added.

There is no way to predict what experiences will be offered in the future; however, by looking at their corporate partners, you might be able to guess. For example, Marriott’s partnership with Staples Center means there’s a good chance Moments will offer some sort of VIP package to a Lakers or Clippers game.



No matter how many points you’ve saved, the Marriott Bonvoy Moments program allows members to purchase up to five Bonvoy Moments experiences in a calendar year. A single experience can contain multiple packages, but members can only purchase two packages per experience.

No refund

All Marriott Bonvoy Moments purchases are final – no refunds are possible. Once you have purchased an auction or fixed price experience, points are immediately deleted from your account and cannot be returned.

No transfer

Experiences cannot be transferred, so if Marriott finds that you have sold, marketed, or reassigned your experience without Marriott’s express written consent, you will forfeit the experience and your points will also be forfeited.

What value can you get?

In general, your better use of points will be to use them on hotel rooms with Marriott. But the point of the Moments program is that some of these experiences are unique, once in a lifetime opportunities that would be difficult to have otherwise.

Some of these experiences, such as concert or game tickets, can be purchased on the open market. To determine if this is an exchange worth pursuing, compare the cost of the ticket in cash to what the equivalent point value would be and determine if it is good value. .

The bottom line

The Marriott Bonvoy Moments program offers members many redemption opportunities that can be prepaid with points or bid on through an auction. The experiences vary in five categories: Culinary, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Sports and Partners. Purchases have restrictions, including no refunds.

You’ll get more value from your Bonvoy Points by booking qualifying stays at Marriott properties, but if you have a lot of points to burn or see an opportunity you just can’t pass up, these redemptions can be a fun expense.

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