What liberals won’t admit about the influx of migrants


When I first heard that Republican governors were flying migrants on buses to liberal refuges, I was immediately against it. To me, it felt like another brutal stunt meant to increase their position with the GOP base.

But then I started hearing leaders from these liberal cities signing “disaster declarations,” complaining that the “horrific” influx was creating a “humanitarian situation,” reporting that it was “pressing a social safety net.”

And then it hit me. While these stunts may be trivial, there is still one over there over there. Blue states are finally getting a taste of what red border states deal with on a daily basis.

Example: A total influx of about 7,000 migrants caused the mayor of Washington, DC, to declare a public emergency and call on the National Guard for help. But that number is not equal to the number of migrants stopped in one go crossing the southern border day. heck, according to El Paso Timesthere were “more than 900 migrants released by US Border Patrol in downtown El Paso in the past week.”

(It’s impossible to know how many illegal border crossings go undetected, but border agents have made about 1.82 million arrests on the southern border so far this fiscal year.)

In all fairness, border states and cities to do ask for and receive support from the federal government, but their anger and frustration stem from the belief that the federal government is not effectively detaining, detaining, or deporting undocumented immigrants. Less than a year ago, eg. The New York Times reported that “immigration agents released so many migrants into the city” [Del Rio, Texas] in March, residents complained that the spike would take away the city’s limited resources.”

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While New York City has received fewer migrants by bus than DC, the influx of immigrants leads Mayor Eric Adams to suggest it’s time to reassess the city’s “right to shelter” policies. This policy guarantees a person the right to a bed in a homeless shelter, regardless of their immigration status.

“The city system is approaching its breaking point. As a result, the city’s past practices, which never considered transporting thousands of people to New York City, must be reassessed,” Mayor Adams said.

“The city is bursting at the seams,” said Adrienne Adams, city council president, “and is frankly unprepared to handle this influx of individuals.”

If New York City can’t handle the influx, do you think? Del Rio— population 36,000 — can?

Sure, there are millions of immigrants — including undocumented migrants — in blue states like New York. They are part of the social fabric. Yet wealthy blue states may not have realized until now how much toll a large and sudden influx of government services takes. When large groups of people enter your community unannounced and uninvited, you are taxing your government and community resources.

In addition, refuges and progressive policies (including those of President Joe Biden) can serve as a magnet for illegal border crossings.

With this maneuver, Republican governors are forcing the rest of the nation to sympathize with the plight of border states and grapple with the consequences of a nation incapable of controlling its borders.

Until recently, this gamble belonged to Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, but Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has now acted (and escalated the troll) by sending two planeloads of Venezuelan migrants to the “playground of the rich”, better known as Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts.

To his credit, the summer colony’s latte liberal residents have so far responded with compassion. But it’s worth noting that Washington, DC, and New York City have also welcomed migrants — and we’re only talking about an estimated 50 migrants to Martha’s Vineyard so far.

Speaking of which, for anyone concerned about inhumane treatment, there are worse places to be sent. For someone fleeing Venezuela or Haiti, Martha’s Vineyard is not the same as being sent to Gitmo. Heck, it’s not even Ocean City, Maryland. In addition, the Biden administration reportedly transported migrant children to Chattanooga, Tennessee, last year, while simultaneously transporting migrant children to Dallas, Texas and Miami, Florida. All in all, I’d rather be in Martha’s Vineyard.

I will say that there is one major caveat to all this: there are reports that migrants tricked into believing they were going to Boston? and that jobs and housing were waiting for them. This is like being told you’re flying into Washington DC and then realizing you’ve flown into Baltimore/Washington International Airport, which, whatever the name says, isn’t in the Washington DC area – and that you stay in a Hilton when it is actually a hostel. Obviously, asylum seekers should not be lied to or otherwise misled. If it’s true, it’s indefensible.

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Still, it seems odd to me that progressives are angrier at Florida and Texas for sending immigrants north than Venezuela or Haiti (or Mexico) for creating an environment where a person is willing to risk their life to go to the United States. . This is just one of the realizations that this “gimmick” has made me think.

That’s not to say that DeSantis’ strategy is effective or that there are no costs involved. Migrants – many of whom are likely to be fleeing violence and seeking asylum –to be used as pawns to make a political point.

It is impossible to predict what tragedy will befall them (or others) in transit or upon arrival. If and when that happens, some fingers could be pointed south, toward the border states. There is also a potential for political backlash at home (deSantis takes the heat of the Venezuelan community in South Florida, for example).

But give credit where credit is due. Republicans have finally made a stunt owning the libraries, highlighting hypocrisy, and makes us think. It’s a big improvement for them.