‘What to do with £3million’: Potential burglar caught on Google search history


A would-be burglar was caught after police found Google searches on her mobile phone for ‘what to do with £3 million’ and ‘how to open a locked window’.

Jordan Malcom-Taylor, 28, and Nikisha Hosten, 22, planned to rob a residence in Virginia Water, Surrey, in 2020.

But they were spotted running out the backyard and, although they escaped a pursuing resident, they were caught by the police shortly after.

Agents later tracked down Hosten’s phone where they found internet searches for “what to do with £3 million”, “where to get a gun” and “how to open a locked window” in her browser history.

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After the couple’s arrest, more damning evidence came to light, including CCTV footage of them making a reconnaissance visit to the area the day before the crime.

During a search of Hosten’s home, a key was also found to the patio door of the house where the burglary would take place.

Holsten was found guilty of attempted aggravated burglary and possession of an imitation firearm after a trial at Kingston Crown Court, while Malcom-Taylor had admitted to criminal offenses at a previous hearing.

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Malcom-Taylor, from Tottenham, was sentenced to nine years and nine months in prison, while Hosten, from Mitcham, received 11 years.

Jurors had heard how the duo had searched for a suitable home to break into in the weeks leading up to their botched surgery.

The pair settled on a Virginia Water estate — where multi-million pound homes can be sold — and entered through a gate on April 15, 2020.

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After the sentencing, Detective Sergeant Hannah Clarke, who was investigating the case, said it was a “relief” that the couple were now behind bars.

She said: “Hosten and Malcom-Taylor had planned to carry out a violent break-in, showing terrifying disregard for their victims. Fortunately, their plans were foiled.

“The evidence against them was overwhelming and gave a real picture of the effort they were willing to put in purely for selfish, monetary gain. It is a relief that they are now behind bars.”