What to wear for pub gardens, barbecues, picnics and outdoor dining


On Monday April 12, new lockdown restrictions will ease in the UK, with the reopening of pub gardens and alfresco dining at restaurants. The good news also means that picnics, barbecues, and outdoor drinks (all with up to six people) are allowed again, and with a sunny but windy spring weather forecast for the next fortnight, you’ll want to take advantage. of the occasion.

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It’s been a long time since we had plans that we had to get correctly dressed for, but going now for lunch or dinner with up to five friends presents a new sartorial dilemma: since all of our meals will be outside, we will have to be stylish and hot. Rather than just throwing your tired winter coat over any look, choosing sensible components means you can forgo a bulky coat altogether.

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Here are the pieces you’ll need for alfresco dining this spring.

What to wear for outdoor dining

The sleeved dress

A modest but summery dress that will shield your skin from the sun, while nodding in the spring theme is key. You’ll want a loose figure that’s comfortable to sit on and stand on, and a dress does a light job to tackle such a sartorial dilemma.

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If you don’t have a sleeved dress in your arsenal yet, place a gray t-shirt or white cotton shirt under a sleeveless dress for a similar effect.



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