What’s next for Kohl’s Stock?


Kohl’s inventory (NYSE: KSS), a department store selling clothing, shoes, accessories, soft household items and homewares aimed at middle-income customers, is up 15% in the past five trading days (one week) and currently stands at around $31 . There was no specific news on which the stock rose, but KSS stocks have generally been volatile this year due to the prevailing macr0 headwind. Last week, Walmart (NYSE:WMT) announced that it expects lower revenues in the second half of 2022, mainly as inflation affects consumer behavior. Kohl’s stock plunged about 15% after that announcement sent shockwaves through the retail industry, but it appears to have recovered from that drop in the past five days. It wasn’t a good start for Kohl’s in 2022 – with a 5% comparable sales decline. As supply chain problems and excess inventory continue to reign in the second quarter, investors are concerned that Kohl’s will also lower its outlook again when it releases its second quarter results on Aug. 18. It is quite likely that the company will see a period of weaker earnings in next quarter’s results as investors become more concerned about slowing consumption patterns.

Are KSS stocks about to fall in the near term or gains look more likely? Based on our machine learning analysis of stock price trends over the past ten years, there is only a 47% chance of a rise in KSS stock in the next month (twenty-one trading days). See our analysis of KSS’ Stock Chance Of Rise for more details.

Calculating ‘Event Probability’ and ‘Rising Probability’ using data from the last ten years

[1] Returns of 15% or higher over period of five days at 56 out of 2515 (2%); The stock rose in 25 of these 56 cases over the next five days (45%)

[2] Returns of 2.3% or higher over period of ten days at 963 out of 2515 (38%); The stock rose in 468 of these 963 cases over the next ten days (49%)

[3] Returns of 5.7% or higher on period of twenty-one days at 687 out of 2515 (27%); The stock rose in 323 of these 687 cases over the next twenty-one days (47%)

It’s helpful to see how his peers are doing. KSS Peers shows how Kohl’s stock compares to peers in metrics that matter. Other useful comparisons for companies in different sectors can be found at Peer Comparisons.

With inflation rising and the Fed raising interest rates, Kohl’s stock is down 37% this year. Can it go down even more? See how low KSS stocks can go by comparing the decline in past market crashes. Here’s a performance breakdown of all stocks in past market crashes.

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