When is Boris Johnson’s next lockdown announcement?


When is the current lockdown due to end?

The second lockdown will end on December 2, replaced by a three-tier system similar to the one in place before the second wave.

When will Boris Johnson announce what will happen after the lockdown?

Monday 23 November. The time is to be confirmed, but the Prime Minister and other government ministers have made announcements around 11 a.m. in the House of Commons in recent months, followed by a 5 p.m. press briefing from Downing Street.

Boris Johnson is expected to announce which areas will fall under which levels on Thursday, November 26.

What should he say?

The Prime Minister is expected to address five topics.

1. Lock

He will likely confirm that the lockdown ends on December 2.

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2. Levels

On December 3, a stricter three-tier local restriction system will be introduced, although the controversial 10 p.m. pub curfew is expected to be extended by one hour.

Gyms and recreation centers will be allowed to open and Mr Johnson is facing pressure in the Commons to allow golf and children’s sports.

He will not announce what areas the levels are in until Thursday, when the government has access to the latest information on the virus’s reproduction rate, its prevalence and incidence in the population, and whether infections are increasing or decreasing.

His proposals are already threatened by 70 Conservative MPs who have threatened to oppose tougher restrictions in Parliament.

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3. Christmas

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Boris Johnson is expected to announce that regardless of the more restrictive tier system, the rules will be relaxed from December 22 to 28, allowing multiple families to join a ‘bubble’ for Christmas.

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4. Test

On Saturday, the Telegraph revealed that everywhere from factories and offices to towns and villages, mass tests would undergo mass tests if cases started to rise, which the prime minister would have to resolve.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the pilot mass testing program used in Liverpool would be extended to 67 other cities.

The tests will cover 10% of the population of each local authority on a weekly basis.

Areas that will receive the new tests include Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire and the West Midlands, other parts of the North West and the whole of the North East.

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The “laissez-passer for freedom” can also be sent by the Prime Minister. These are passes that are expected to be given to people next year that allow them to waive certain restrictions provided they have two negative coronavirus tests per week.

5. Vaccines

No.10 said on Saturday that provided the vaccines are approved by regulators, the first injections can be given next month before being rolled out more widely in the new year.

Draft NHS plans suggest all adults in England could be vaccinated by April, starting with NHS workers and the elderly before Christmas.



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