When will the government push China out of Indian territory: Congress asks Amit Shah


“The truth is, Amit Shah failed at the wheel,” said Congressman Randeep Surjewala. (To file)

New Delhi:

Congress asked Interior Minister Amit Shah on Thursday about Chinese incursions along the border and asked when the government would push China out of Indian territory.

Congress Secretary General and Chief Spokesman Randeep Surjewala said instead of fake chest pounding Shah should take stock of threats to internal and external security because he has failed on those fronts.

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The remarks came after Shah of Panaji spoke harshly in Pakistan and said surgical strikes by India five years ago sent a strong message to the world that no one can interfere with its borders.

“Amit Shah is advised to first pronounce the word China, which the Modi government is afraid of, and then tell us when will the government push China back from Indian territory. Let him give a deadline to recover our 900s. km of Indian territory which is illegally occupied by the Chinese through their brazen incursions, ”Surjewala told reporters.

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He asked the Home Secretary to tell the country when it will recover the Depsang and Gogra hot springs and when it will give an appropriate response to China in Uttarakhand. Mr Surjewala also asked how he was going to attack the Chinese in their “brazen forays” on the Doklam Plateau up to the Chicken Neck, which is the entrance to seven eastern states.

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“Instead of fake punches and statements to captive media friends, let him take stock of the growing and uncontrollable external and internal threats. The truth is, Amit Shah failed behind the wheel,” said the leader of Congress.

Mr Shah at a meeting in Goa said that under the BJP-led NDA rule India gives an appropriate response to terrorist attacks which was not the case when the UPA led by Congress was in power.



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