Which stores can remain open despite the lockdown – the list


(mwa / wue) Many stores are due to close Monday through February 28. The Federal Council decided this. With the exception of:

  • Grocery stores and stores selling groceries or other short-term and daily necessities (list below)
  • Pharmacies, drugstores, and medical device stores (e.g. Glasses, hearing aids)
  • Points of sale of telecommunications providers
  • Repair and maintenance shops, for example laundries, tailoring shops, shoemakers, locksmiths and car garages and bicycle shops, provided they offer repairs
  • Construction and gardening stores and hardware stores for construction and gardening items (list below)
  • Flower shops
  • Petrol stations
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Stores authorized to be opened must cover the range that is not authorized to be sold. This was confirmed by a federal expert at the press conference. The Federal Council thus deviates from the model of the canton of Aargau. The store lockdown has been in place since December. Stores that remain open can, however, offer the full range.



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