White House terrified of MAGA Republicans being appointed to committees investigating Biden administration


The White House issued a blistering statement on Wednesday about the nomination of America First Republicans to the House Oversight Committee, a clear sign that the administration is concerned about potential investigations.

TBEN reported earlier this week that Conservative Representatives Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA) and Paul Gosar (AZ) had been reinstated to committee assignments and appointed to serve on the Oversight panel.

Representatives Lauren Boebert of Colorado and Scott Perry of Pennsylvania were also named to the committee.

White House spokesman Ian Sams issued a statement condemning the addition of the MAGA lawmakers.

Chairman Comer once said his goal was to make sure the committee’s work has “credibility,” but Republicans are handing over the keys of oversight to the most extreme MAGA members of the Republican caucus who spew violent rhetoric and dangerous promoting conspiracy theories,” he raged.

Do you think they’re scared?

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White House not happy with who Republicans put on oversight committee – Good

The White House statement also contains links to examples of MAGA members’ alleged “extremism”.

  • For Greene, they related to her controversial remarks before she became a member of Congress, in which she accused Nancy Pelosi of treason, which is “punishable by death.” Please – Do you know how many times Donald Trump and his supporters have been accused of treason?
  • They linked Gosar to an article in which he posted a parody cartoon showing an anime version of himself attacking President Biden and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Please – No serious person took it as a serious threat. Because it was a Japanese cartoon. With swords.
  • Van Perry they point to a report in which he rejected a subpoena from the select committee dated January 6. Please – As we recently learned from Adam Schiff, subpoenas are optional.
  • As for Boebert, her greatest offense as an “extremist” was downplaying the riot in the Capitol. Please – While the riot is cause for National Day of Remembrance at the White House, most Americans are already over it.
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In short, and the White House’s examples of Republican “extremists” on the Oversight Committee are pretty tame.

It’s also kind of funny to hear them attack the “credibility” of the House Oversight Committee when we should have been taking the efforts of the highly partisan January 6 committee super seriously.

Puh lease.

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‘Joe Biden, be prepared’

So, why does the White House seem beside itself about conservative Republican lawmakers’ additions to the Oversight Committee?

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As CNN writes, “The addition of the hardliners will give them the opportunity to shape some of the most aggressive investigations into the Biden administration.”

At the right time, Greene issued a statement indicating that the president had better fasten his seatbelts.

“Joe Biden, be prepared,” she wrote. “We are going to expose every corrupt business transaction, every foreign entanglement, every abuse of power and every check cut for The Big Guy.”

I can’t speak for Joe, but we’re definitely done here. While we talk, pop the popcorn.

Time to get to work ladies and gentlemen.

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