Whittier City Council plans to censor member who attended Capitol Trump rally


WHITTIER (TBEN) – Whittier City Council considered a motion that ultimately failed Tuesday night to censor a council member for attending a pro-Trump rally on the U.S. Capitol that led to riots and multiple deaths.

Two city council members voted to censor council member Jessica Martinez because she was at the rally and used her social media accounts to “dig into conspiracy theories about the election,” they said .

Council members said his actions violated his oath of office by taking public partisan positions.

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Video posted to Martinez’s Twitter page shows the January 6 rally in Washington DC

Martinez said she was away from the riots and exercising her First Amendment right by peacefully attending the rally. She maintains that she did nothing wrong.

“The only desire I had was to introduce myself and make my voice heard. If it’s not American, if it violates my oath of office, then I’m guilty, ”Martinez said Tuesday.

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A member of the online meeting on Tuesday said in posting the tweets that he was inciting violence.

“I am not responsible for the people who broke into Congress and committed these atrocious acts,” Martinez added.

Martinez said he had received death threats in recent days.

On Tuesday, the Federal Bureau of Investigation warned law enforcement agencies across the country that a number of groups are calling for a “storming” of federal, state and local courts as the day approaches. ‘inauguration.

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It was reported on Tuesday that an employee of the Los Angeles Police Department attended the rally in Washington, DC in support of President Donald Trump ahead of the riot on Capitol Hill.

The employee, who has not been identified, has been asked to speak to the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Los Angeles about any possible involvement or information regarding the incident, even though the employee allegedly left the gathering before the attack.



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