Who is Andrew Morton? Meet Princess Diana’s Biographer


The crown Season 5 is now on Netflix and audiences want to know all about the real-life royals, their friends, and whether the events in the series actually happened.

In Episode 2 of the new series, the audience is introduced to a man named Andrew Morton, who expresses his desire to publish Princess Diana’s biography.

He would forever remain connected to the deceased princess after publishing the works, Diana: her true story in 1992 and, Diana: her true story – in her own words in 1997.

News week has everything you need to know about Andrew Morton.

Who is Andrew Morton?

Andrew Morton is a British writer and journalist from Yorkshire, England.

Throughout this career, he has published biographies – mostly unauthorized – of several influential figures such as Tom Cruise, Madonna, David and Victoria Beckham, and Monica Lewinsky, as well as Prince William and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex.

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Author and journalist Andrew Morton poses after the publication of his book ‘Diana, Her True Story’. Morton is pictured in the final season of Netflix’s “The Crown”.
Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

However, he is best known for his work, Diana: her true story – in her own words published in October 1997, after the death of Princess Diana in August 1997.

Before becoming a biographer, Morton worked as a reporter for British tabloids, including: The TBEN, News of the World, and The daily email.

Morton published the first version of Diana: her true story in 1992 and for years there was speculation about Diana’s involvement in the biography. Morton had denied this at the time.

Not long after the book was published, Diana acknowledged that she told friends and family to talk to Morton, but she and Morton both denied that she had any role in the creation of the book’s contents.

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The princess did not cooperate in any way on the book, according to a palace official the guardafter The Sunday Times posted excerpts from Morton’s 1992 version.

Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana, "The crown"
Actress Elizabeth Debicki will play Princess Diana in season five of Netflix’s “The Crown,” 2022. Not long after the book was published, Diana acknowledged that she told friends and family to talk to Morton.

However, when? Diana: her true story in her own words was published in 1997, Morton revealed that Diana herself was the main source of information.

The new version included an 18,000-word transcript of tape recordings the princess made secretly, in which she recounts her childhood, her marriage to Prince Charles (now King Charles III), her bulimia, and her feelings about Camilla Parker-Bowles (now King Charles III). the queen consort).

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The crown Season 5 revisits Morton’s book and how he obtained the records.
As seen in the series, Morton used an intermediary, Dr. James Colthurst, a friend of Diana, who would ask Diana a list of questions and record it on a set of tapes.

Morton then transcribed the six-hour tapes, masking the information as coming from a palace source of a friend of Diana.

Morton told Newsweek’s Chief Royal Correspondent Jack Royston at the time he heard the first tape was “like walking through the wardrobe in Narnia or walking into a parallel universe.

“I first heard the band in a cafe and when I went home on the subway, on the subway, I stepped a long way back from the platform. I vividly remember it like it was yesterday, just that feeling of ‘ what did I put myself in?'”

At the time of the publication of Morton’s book in 1997, he was criticized by the public for the timing of the book’s release being so close to Princess Diana’s death. Some booksellers refused to keep it in stock.

In The crown Season 5, Morton is played by Outlander’s Andrew Steele.

The crown Seasons 1 to 5 are now available on Netflix.