Why Candace Cameron Bure Really Is The Queen Of Christmas TV Movies


Candace Cameron Bure promotes one of her Christmas TV movies featuring Santa Claus. (Photo: Morgan Lieberman/Getty Images)

Candace Cameron Bure starred in an impressive four of Hallmark’s 10 most-watched Christmas TV movie premieres. So she knows the Christmas programming.

The Full room alum explained in a Variety story published Wednesday, exactly why she thinks they are such a hit with viewers.

“The most important thing about Christmas movies in general is that people joke about them — and yet people love them,” Bure said. “It’s because they’re predictable: you know someone’s going to fall in love. You know it’s just going to be happy and warm. And people run there, especially during the holidays.”

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So Bure has no intention of stopping, but she’s switched teams. In April, she explained that she was leaving Hallmark for Great American Family, a new network led by Bill Abbott, a former boss at Hallmark’s parent company, who left after refusing to air a commercial featuring a same-sex couple. Variety sources reported that Bure was offered nearly twice the $1 million-a-year contract she had been awarded with Hallmark. At her new company, she will continue to star in films and TV shows, but she will also work as a business executive responsible for creating a slew of Christmas dishes. (She stars in the first Great American Family TV movie, A Christmas… Giftwhich premieres on November 22.)

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“I think we know the core audience and what they love is exactly how Bill originally built the Hallmark Channel,” Bure said. “That was Christmas and those traditional holidays, so that’s where the focus will be. You have to start somewhere. You can’t do everything at once.”

While promoting Hallmark’s The Christmas Contest in November 2021, Bure told Us Weekly that she once felt “an enormous amount of pressure” as her holiday movies did well in the ratings. But she had given up on that.

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“You always want to hit that number and exceed that number,” she told the magazine. “And last year I finally let it go because it’s not why I make these movies. I make them because I love them. And I know that the viewers who watch them really love them, and they mean something to them I always try to make the best of it, but last year I let the pressure go.”

Fans can not only see Bure in more Christmas TV movies, but probably again with her former Full room co-star Lori Loughlin, whom she consistently supported through the fallout of the college admissions scandal. Abbott noted that he is looking for the right script for her to direct.


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