Why Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had trouble producing content


All in all, Prince Harry’s keynote speech on July 18 at the United Nations in celebration of Nelson Mandela International Day was quite a blow to the Prince, the Mandela Foundation that invited him, and the UN. The Prince took great care to outline the details of the great man’s monumental 27-year incarceration, quoting generously from Mandela, with, as always, a nod to the Prince’s mother, Diana, whose acquaintance with Mandela was a heartfelt nod. used to be. Harry named the photo of Diana and Mandela together, smiling, comfortable in each other’s presence at a 1997 gathering, a photo given to Harry by Archbishop Desmond Tutu, whom Harry said had “on my wall and in my heart.” Although Harry kept his attention on the subject of the man, the message there was that his mother was still with him, and with us.

The prince listed several of the current crises facing Africa, from the historic drought in the Horn of Africa to the work of his own charity supporting HIV orphans in Lesotho and Botswana, Sentebale. He kept a close eye on the big issues—the greatest of which was Mandela’s own global reach and relentless activism. It was Harry at his best, with a straight arrow, heart on his sleeve, telling us what he was thinking.

He concluded by saying, “Let’s find out what we have in common, empower all people to reclaim our democracies, and use the light of Mandela’s memory to light the way forward.” Unashamedly idealistic, with a big dollop of that extreme Diana-esque ease of connection with all people, you might almost think Harry’s Mandela International Day speech was a bit the old Harry, prior to his abrupt and publicly bitter 2019-2020 departure. from British monarchy and from his family. In a strange way, the speech somehow acted as proof that that other, original, charming Harry – the one who can effortlessly fuse the personal and the political – somehow still exists.

Except for. If we can say that a man has some overhead now, Prince Harry has some overhead, not least his wife and family now that he is no longer a working royal. Meghan Markle may have stashed money away from her years in Canada as a television actress and “lifestyle” blogger, and it’s hoped she does. But whatever it is, that amount won’t bear the freight, even of her significant carbon footprint, like the private jets she took to and from the Queen’s Jubilee in June, or even the prodigious staff who concocted “content” for Archewell’s entertainment and media arms. At least on the face of it, there is no content from Archewell’s profitable content arms that makes money. Facing intense problems of its own, Netflix, which has been bitten deep into the Windsors of Montecito venture with a reported $100 million, just canceled Ms. Markle’s lone show Pearlan animated film that was nearing production.

Harry seems to realize that he has to go outside to pick up some ducats. This is why Harry and his wife landed a veritable blizzard of deals upon arrival in California and Hollywood in 2020 and 2021, especially with Netflix and Spotify, as well as corporate-mental-health startup BetterUp and beyond. inevitable as told autobiography.

The most immediately looming money-making projects in the pipeline are inextricably linked to this new rain-making Harry. The first is his autobiography as said with: The Tender Bar author JR Mohringer, a book that has now moved to an anchor in the fall book lists. The second, which will debut at an unspecified time when Netflix believes it has enough story in the can, is Harry and Meghan’s ongoing behind-the-scenes documentary/reality show as they manage their many global charitable endeavors and commercial projects under the Archewell umbrella. Of the two projects, the book will probably be the most explosive and, either way, be successful for Harry.

But when we last visited some of the deals that were being made and generated by the clients of the nascent foundation/political engagement engine/entertainment production house/self-improvement entity/lifestyle empire, there was the issue of content. Specifically, this means that there is a large crème de la crème superstructure of Hollywood and Silicon Valley talent in Archewell’s divisions. But aside from the ongoing production work on the documentary Soul of Invictus – a documentary that takes a deep dive with Harry into the 2020 Invictus Games – and in addition to continuing work on Netflix and the couple’s personal documentary/reality show, and a mental health documentary series starring Oprah “The Me You Can” t See’, there has been no product. In other words, the couple has a lot to do with this autobiography and with the Netflix documentary of their lives.

Part of the problem is that it’s just hard to produce impactful content in any medium, and that difficulty is compounded when it’s as hard as it is to establish what the production entity, Archewell, is actually doing. has to do. It is a very widely supported non-profit/yet somewhat commercial media/charity venture. But when we last visited some of the deals that were being made and generated by the clients of the nascent foundation/political engagement engine/entertainment production house/self-improvement entity/lifestyle empire, there was the issue of content. And that problem has not gone away.

The second complication is that the couple is admirably deeply involved politically in a wide variety of causes, some of which, like Sentebale, Harry’s Lesotho and Botswana HIV orphan charities, or Invictus, are well established. But these efforts and many others take time and do not reap the benefits. Hence: they seem rushed and spread quite thinly. It was on the way to the Hague Invictus ceremony and games that they dropped at Windsor to reacquaint themselves with the Queen.

This image is not softened—in fact, it is only reinforced—by the prolonged tensions between the Windsors of Montecito and the Windsors of Windsor. These tensions came to a head with accusations of racism the couple leveled against Harry’s family in March 2020’s TBEN interview with Oprah Winfrey. This brings us back to Harry’s upcoming book, due out in a few short, breezy back-to-school weeks. For their part, it is reported that the royal family fears the publication.