Why the location decision for the nuclear waste is correct



Dispute over nuclear waste: why the decision to locate the site is correct despite everything

Nord Lägern has been designated as the final disposal site for the radioactive waste. Only the geology counts. Why the location decision is right.

The protests against the camp remain, but are much smaller than in earlier times.


In 2017, Swiss voters decided to phase out nuclear power. As a result, resistance to a deep repository for nuclear waste has also cooled noticeably. fundamental opposition? There are none. Even the affected region of Nördlich Lägern reacted soberly to the decision. However, the waste has not yet been sunk. And the pro-nuclear voices that have regained strength with the energy crisis should not lead to resistance forming again against the repository.

Because it’s not about nuclear power yes or no. We have all been using electricity from four, previously five, nuclear power plants since 1969 and are therefore responsible for the waste. Measured in real cubic meters, these are not large quantities, but they are those with a long-lasting appeal. This waste, which also comes from medicine, industry and research, must be disposed of in your own country.

But hardly anyone wants nuclear waste on their doorstep. But when choosing the location, no regional sensibilities count, not even on the German side, only safety. The waste is best kept in the Opalinus Clay. Nagra and organizations from all over the world have been researching this rock, which was formed around 175 million years ago, is homogeneous and impermeable to water, since 1956. The geology determined the choice. However, the waste problem will only be solved if politicians also implement the mature scientific solution in the next few years.