Why this new electric bike is my turn


I’ve tested about three dozen e-bikes for this review over the past six years. And I have owned several. The one I ride the most: the Juiced CrossCurrent X. I’ve owned it for almost two years now and have done 1,100 miles. The only reason the mileage is so low is because I have tested all the other bikes. But I love the Juiced so much that I replaced my car with it – I sold the sedan in February. And now I’ve replaced the bike with something that I think might be even better: a brand new version of the same model.

The Juiced CrossCurrent X Step-Through ($ 1,999) is what the company – and I – call a commuter’s dream. I really like its step-by-step frame, even though my previous version was not. And apart from a few minor frame adjustments, the bike is identical to my previous model. It consistently hits over 65 miles per charge, it has incredible torque to climb very steep hills here in Southern California and with some speed, and it can easily reach 28 miles per hour on flat surfaces (although mine be governed at 20 miles per hour, which I find safer). The ride is super smooth, the acceleration and braking are graceful and exceptional, and it handles really well. The bike looks great, to boot. People always ask me about it when I drive around town.

Believe me, to give up my car, you had to be able to rely on the bike. And the experience was just perfect. I cycle pretty much anywhere within a 10 mile radius for shopping. It’s super handy for finding places quickly. And I can always park it right outside the front door wherever I am. Of all the bikes I have tested – and there have been a lot of dogs in this group – only four seem to me that I would use full time. This was my favorite of the bunch, as it ticked all the boxes when it came to safety, handling, maintenance and operation. Ask my wife: I’m a moaner. And I haven’t had any problem with the Juiced since I owned it.

In my opinion, using the CrossCurrent X saved me around $ 2,000. Our gasoline currently costs $ 4 a gallon. So I saved north of $ 200 there. Getting rid of my car also means that I have discharged the $ 1,100 of annual insurance for it. I also canceled the annual registration of $ 200, plus maintenance costs – oil changes, new tires, replacement of wipers, new brakes. The list is lengthened increasingly. And I can fully charge my bike in a matter of hours. I really didn’t notice a bump on my electric bill.

But best of all, it gave me peace of mind. I feel like I’m doing something good for the environment. I no longer insist on random engine noises. I don’t worry about parking in a risky place. And I do healthy exercise, to boot. Have even lost a few pounds since February. I realize that I am fortunate to live in a place with amazing weather all year round. Having said that, I never use the bike in wet conditions. On those rare days, I can still share my wife’s car with her.

Overall it was pure pleasure. And I can’t wait to drive the new CrossCurrent X Step-Through well beyond 1,100 miles. I have already put over 100 miles on it, in the first 10 days. It has been a seamless transition for me personally. And I think anyone who tries this model will immediately start dreaming about how they could replace their own car with this one.



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