Why WWE Retained Triple Threat Format for US Title Game at Elimination Chamber | TBEN


WWE reported that Bobby Lashley was defending the United States title against Matt Riddle and Keith Lee in a triple threat match at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view event.

It was reported that WWE would have to remove Lee from the contest, which ended up happening when WWE claimed that Lee was suffering from an injury. So John Morrison vs. Ali vs. Ricochet vs. Elias took place during the pre-show with Morrison winning. As a result, he replaced Lee in the title match.

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At the end of the title match, Riddle punched Lashley in the back with MVP’s crutch, which forced Lashley out of the ring. This allowed Riddle to hit his finisher in Morrison to win the title.

Dave Meltzer mentioned on today’s Wrestling Observer Radio that the decision to keep the triple threat format for this title instead of just making it a singles match between Riddle and Lashley was because WWE wanted to get away with it. stick to his original plans for a title change without Lashley. take the fall. Lee’s replacement could have been any wrestler, but he turned out to be Morrison.

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“Now you know why they didn’t make a singles match and why they were adamant … you know, originally if Keith Lee wasn’t in … but it just wouldn’t work. for what they were trying to do, which is why they did it. to get Morrison in the game, or someone. It could have been anyone in that third place, but it had to …

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