Wife asks “must give angbao to husband meh?” and says ‘even market rate of how much to give is $288 to $688’ – Singapore News


SINGAPORE — With Chinese New Year almost upon us, a woman took to social media, seemingly annoyed by the habit of giving someone’s husband (usually the wife) a red packet of money (ang bao).

In her anonymous post on the popular Facebook page SGWhispers, the woman wrote: “I don’t understand why it is necessary to give husband (usually wife) angbao during CNY…there is even a “行情” (market rate) of how much would you have to give your partner angbao, which is $288 to $688″.

She added that she never expected her partner to give her ang bao to her: “It never occurred to me that he would give me or me ang bao to him…”.

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The woman also wrote that she didn’t understand why some ladies complained that their husbands or boyfriends didn’t give them ang baos, or that they gave them ang baos with less than $200.

According to some research by TBEN Singapore, husbands may choose to give their wives ang baos and vice versa, but this is not common practice in modern households.

“What do you all think? I am just a little surprised yet annoyed as more and more people talk about this… I started to distance myself from those ladies as I felt we were not on the same frequency,” the woman wrote.

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Netizens were divided on the subject. Some felt that ang baos should be given to the partner because it was about showing appreciation. Others agreed with the woman, saying it was hardly a necessary practice between people in a relationship.

This is what they said:

Likewise, the age-old question of how much angbao to give has resurfaced. On r/askSingapore, a Reddit user asked bluntly, “How much are you putting into your ANGBAOs for 2023?”

The post’s owner continued, “I’m thinking $10 for the smallest denominations, which is maybe 80% of all my angbaos.” I have less than 10 pieces $20 and less than 5 pieces $50 for super close family and friends. ‘Giant’ (to me) angbaos over $100 just 3 of them (older parents). I’m not sure if I’m cheap or generous. I think I’m average, but I’m not sure.”

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“Just give within your means — no need to overexert yourself following the mainstream,” one Reddit user replied, adding that “CNY Ang Bao has cultural significance.”

Netizen don’t know how much to give angbao for CNY, ask “How much will you put in your angbaos for 2023?”

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