Wife Says, “I’m Only 22 But With BTO 4-6 Years Waiting Time, How Do I Know If My “Partner” Is The One Who Will Officially Commit Forever?” -Singapore News


SINGAPORE — Young Singaporean couples can find themselves in a unique situation due to space constraints in the country, often having to wait for a home to become available to them. Unfortunately, the wait can be years!

A 22-year-old woman who’s been with her boyfriend for a year doesn’t want to waste time looking for her own place, but isn’t sure if the man she’s with is THE ONE. She wrote to r/askSingapore on Sunday (January 22) asking for advice: “With BTO with approx. 4-6 years waiting time, I am eager to apply and bid so that I can secure a house as soon as possible. However, I’m just not ready to jump into a lifelong relationship that early (I’m only 22).

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Been with my partner for about a year now. I don’t have many friends so I mostly spend time with him and he is the favorite part of my day. Sure there are some traits I don’t like/we have some fights, but how do you determine if you’ll be happy with this person for the rest of your life?

I’m just curious how people decide if your partner is The One and know when you’re ready to officially commit forever.

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Reddit users were more than happy to advise, offering both words of wisdom and practical advice.

“There’s no such thing as ‘The One,'” one Redditor wrote, noting that the post owner is still quite young.

“One way I found out I can be with my now boyfriend/fiancé for life is how we can both be in the same room, not talk, do our own things, and be comfortable with it,” advised another .

Others agreed.

Some advised traveling together or living together for some time.

“Housing isn’t a reason to be stuck with the wrong person,” one Reddit user warned, noting that the four-to-six-year waiting period doesn’t apply to every area.

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Another warned: “Among people I know, about a little over 1/3 of couples who secured a BTO flat separated before the flat was completed.”

And one Reddit user wrote: “the ONE does not magically appear. It is a long term series of management, endurance and consideration for each other.”


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