Will Bitcoin Close April Above $ 90,000? When and where this bullish wave will peak


The cryptocurrency markets have seen a monumental green wave this week. Bitcoin and Ether calmly reached new all-time highs thanks to Coinbase’s direct listing and the Berlin hard fork. Meanwhile, Dogecoin meme-cryptocurrency has exploded to over 400% earnings, briefly claiming a spot in the top 5 cryptocurrency by market cap.

Despite the hype and market moves this week, PlanB has shown that Bitcoin is still not as overbought as it was at the peaks of the 2017, 2013, and 2011 bull cycles. It calculated that if Bitcoin reached these levels by the end of April, its price would clear $ 90,000.

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However, this explosive week still raises questions: “Does the market have enough steam to continue this bullish wave?”

Seasoned trader and market analyst Eric Crown thinks:

“Until I see a weekly reversal, I won’t call a top. I’m not really going to at least pull out of the spot markets for this time and just try to enjoy the ride.

In this exclusive interview with TBEN, Crown explains:

  • Short, medium and long term price targets for Bitcoin and Ether
  • How to spot a top in the market
  • Why Coinbase Listing Could Lead to U.S. Bitcoin ETF and Six-Digit Bitcoin
  • Why DOGE recorded the biggest gains of any cryptocurrency this week
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