Will ‘Cyberpunk Edgerunners’ be renewed for Season 2?


I tried to research if Cyberpunk Edgerunners, my new favorite series, was going to be renewed for season 2, and all I got back was a bunch of my own articles. So I thought I’d write something about the prospect of season 2, and why I do or don’t think we’re getting one. Because no, there is no official information from each source on Cyberpunk Edgerunners season 2 now, not Netflix, not CPDR, not Trigger.

At this point, I tend to be a little skeptical that Cyberpunk Edgerunners is getting a second season, as much as I’d love to see that. Why? A few reasons.

viewers – While we don’t know exactly what it is, despite the high critical acclaim and fan praise for the series, it doesn’t seem like it’s going that well in the hours-watched department. Edgerunners briefly appeared in Netflix’s top 10 list around the #5-7 spots for a day or two before disappearing completely, and it hasn’t returned. Compare that to another animated video game series that has was greenlit for season 2, Arcane, which eventually reached No. 1 in 38 countries during its multi-week rollout. Admittedly, I think in general animated series probably won’t perform as well as higher profile live action series, but I just don’t know if the viewership is what they want, even if the quality is top notch.

Tractor – Trigger, the animation studio, is quite infamous for doing one-off shows and has not returned for second seasons for many of its own series in the past. When you bring up the potential of Edgerunner’s season 2, Trigger’s lack of desire to stick with the same projects always comes to the fore, so it might take some persuasion to let them stay rather than move on to something else.

The storyline – We have to go in spoiler area here, and if you’ve seen Edgerunners, you probably know what I’m talking about. A second season of Edgerunners would require an almost entirely new cast, as pretty much everyone in the series dies except for Lucy. So whether the show should go on only her and a new cast, or it should shift to an anthology and take on another story in Night City (this would be my choice). I also think this particular Edgerunners storyline has been years in the making, and I’m not sure if they had a second one on deck. This may have been planned as the only season, though the reception could change that.

So, those are the reasons why not, what about the reasons why? could get season 2?

It’s really, really great – I mean this show has the highest combined critic (100%) and audience (98%) scores of almost each on all of Netflix. While I know that in the past Netflix was known for killing good shows with not enough viewers, lately they’ve also made some exceptions for things with high scores and passionate fanbases (Heartstopper comes to mind, recently renewed for two more seasons despite never topping the Top 10 list). Netflix loves…good shows, and Cyberpunk Edgerunners is a great series. If Castlevania and Arcane can have multiple seasons, I don’t think there’s anything stopping Edgerunners from getting the green light for more too, once all parties are on board. And this is the path we hope to take.

But we don’t know anything yet. The show’s creators aren’t talking about season 2 because everyone might just be waiting for the data to come in. CDPR is no doubt excited about the interest the show has sparked in the game, but they’ve also indicated that they want to continue with Cyberpunk as a multimedia IP, although Edgerunner’s season 2 wasn’t specifically mentioned in that plan. Not yet, at least.

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