Winners of ‘My Son Hunter’ #MemeHunter Contest


It was a well-fought battle of creativity with shades of the inappropriate along with a healthy dose of political incorrectness, a waking nightmare if you will. But the competition is over and the winners are named in the My son hunter meme contest.

Not that many followed the rules. In fact, so many didn’t that we had to give creativity and originality the deciding factor. So, if you enter the contest and see that a winner has not followed the rules to a T, file a complaint with [email protected]

To remind people of the rules so many didn’t follow, here they are…

The rules:

  • Use the image above and decorate/deface/enhance/reimagine it as you like. (Believe it or not, some didn’t use the image at all. That said, there was plenty of damage from those who did.)
  • The only requirement is that the MYSONHUNTER.COM website must be somewhere in the meme. (This is where many fell short.)
  • Tweet of Truth it with the hashtags #MEMEHUNTER #MYSONHUNTER before Wednesday, Sept. 14, 5pm PT (Most people respected this.)
  • Five winners will be chosen. (This is going to happen.)
  • Everyone gets a free shirt. (It hasn’t happened yet, but we assure you it will.)
  • All five will be featured on (This is literally about to happen. Just read a little more. Just scroll down an inch.)

An inch later…

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These are listed in no particular order, so none of you five winners have the ultimate bragging rights, so everyone is putting it away.

Straight from Truth Social, congratulations to Jon Cover, if that’s really your name, aka @PopMemes. Capturing arguably the most iconic cultural moment in recent history, @PopMemes’ entry also managed to capture Hunter Biden’s underlying self-loathing by portraying the fictional Hunter “smacking” the real Hunter.

Unbeatable (and with a meager but strong 126 Twitter followers), Florida Native @FL_Native21 surfed his way to a free My son hunter t-shirt with the very detailed listing below. So much eye candy, but the Burisma logo was an extra nice detail that caught our attention.

Our next winner also comes from Twitter. @thedailygripe_, unlike @PopMemes above, decided to leave rule number one, which only asked participants to include in the meme itself. Both @thedailygripe_ and his brother @PopMemes showed blatant disregard for the rules, while showing blatant respect for their respective self-promotion by putting their own branding on their memes. Now, given all that, the creativity on display overshadows all of the above. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This photo is worth a thousand and one. Well done and looking for you medal t-shirt coming soon. Again, if you entered this contest and you’re upset that there’s a winner who didn’t follow the rules, you can complain to [email protected]

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Going back to Truth Social, we found ourselves moved and feeling somewhat vulnerable after watching @Gnome_Sane’s rousing Shakespearean portrayal of a very red fighter usurped by his father onstage in a hellscape that would be too hellish to see at all, if not for the two (let’s be careful here) sex-working Marines flanking him. It had not escaped our notice that they were in focus, while Hunter’s face is apparently out of focus. It’s pretty clear what this competitor is up to. Be that as it may, @Gnome_Sane not only followed all the rules, he even added one of the movie’s taglines at the top. That in itself is worthy of a T-shirt.

There was only one winner left. But before we show you the final entry, be sure to check out the movie on this weekend. It drives the left notes, which brings us great joy.
To understand why we chose the final winner, it must be understood that we believe that this contestant is a true Breitbart reader based on the choice of imagery. Let’s give you some more background. Through our extensive coverage of the best-selling research exposé Red-handed: How US Elites Get Rich and Help China Win by Peter Schweizer, senior associate of Breitbart, Breitbart’s editors often used a photo of Chinese dictator Xi Jinping toasting his Chinese Communist Party comrades, in the case below 20 Republicans.

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Note the middle photo. It would be tempting to look at column 2, row 3, but let’s keep an eye on the price. In this case a winning spot for @ThePeoplesCube whose work below was brave because it said, “I’ve read Breitbart. Breitbart is handing out t-shirts. If I show Breitbart that I read Breitbart, I might get a t-shirt.” That level of sycophancy is something we respond very well to here at Breitbart. @ThePeoplesCube, it worked. The t-shirt is on its way.

Congratulations to all winners. We will contact you via social media to get your shirt sizes and mailing addresses.

If anyone objects to any of our choices, please feel free to file a complaint with [email protected]

Don’t forget to check out Breitbart’s first movie release, My son hunter, directed by Robert Davi and produced by the Unreported Story Society. Visit to stream or download the movie.
Watch the trailer: