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A woman worried about letting her new boyfriend’s mother know she was previously married took to social media for advice.

In an anonymous post on the popular confession page SGWhispers on Tuesday (July 26), a divorcee wondered how her boyfriend’s family would absorb this information.

She said she’s had “several toxic relationships that didn’t last and one of them… ended up in a divorce”. After that, she wrote, she met her “dream boy” who loved her very much and didn’t care about her past.

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“My boyfriend is the core of his family, his parents can be strict with him, but they always give him the best in the world, especially his mother. A kind and capable woman whose love for her son extended to even me. Basically she hates it when people hide/lie from her,” the woman wrote.

She said she was not ready to reveal to her boyfriend’s mother that she had previously divorced because she was afraid of losing her boyfriend.

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“But as a form of respect for his parents, before we even get married, I should confess instead of waiting for them to find out for themselves. I’m afraid if they find out for themselves, they might think I was a liar or someone who wants to take advantage of their/my friend’s kindness,” the woman wrote.

When she went to her boyfriend with these problems, he told her not to worry and that his mother would treat her well.

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“Well, I must confess this quickly. I want to get this over with as soon as possible, at least I don’t have to feel guilty every time his parents treat me well.

What should I do? or how should I approach his mother?” the woman asked netizens.

This is what they said:

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