Woman has been friends with married man for years, says she’s “attracted to him”, just wants her feelings without being judged – TBEN Singapore News


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A woman who has feelings for a married man asked why her friends would always shut her up when she talked about him.

In an anonymous post on the popular confession page SGWhispers, the woman asked “why no one loves me”.

She wrote in her post that she was friends with the man for many years, even watching him “start dating, get married, become a father. I’ve watched his babies grow into little toddlers and preschoolers”.

She continued: “I didn’t think of him as anything because I’ve already given up on settling down. I’m too confused and didn’t want to commit to anyone because my heart was broken too many times. I no longer believe in love and promises.”

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However, she added that she was attracted to him as he started spending more time with her at work, even feeling like she was in love with him.

“I try so hard to fight this feeling, but I’m attracted to him. I seek his presence. I find myself dreaming what it is like to be with him. Part of me started to find out information about his wife. She’s an acquaintance, so I barely know her. I confided in a friend who knew her and immediately regretted it,” the woman added. She said her boyfriend immediately shut her up and told her to forget it.

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However, the woman asked why people immediately shut down her feelings.

‘I’m not saying I want or can have it. Wouldn’t that be his fault? I know there is nothing. Can’t I have these feelings without being judged? I’ve done nothing wrong and yet I’m already the bad guy.

Netizens who responded to the post clearly told her not to move on and leave the man alone as he already had a family.

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