Woman needs Chinese man with bachelor’s degree earning S$8,000/month, or else be refunded by matchmaking service – Singapore News


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Despite her expectations not being unrealistically high, a woman was unable to find a potential partner through a matchmaking service, resulting in her request for a refund.

A 39-year-old woman had spent S$2,000 on a matchmaking package offered by a reputable company in the hope of finding a suitable partner.

The woman, who works as a bank manager, said she decided to “release” the package in July 2020 because she wanted to settle down before she turned 40.

The agency was offering a 50 percent discount on the matchmaking package at the time, which normally costs S$4,000.

Customers will receive a total of five dates spread over two years, the Chinese newspaper reported Shin Min Daily News (SMDN).

However, the woman claims that the company failed to find a suitable date from its extensive customer base.

She noted that her demands were not high: a Chinese man with a bachelor’s degree and S$8,000 a month.

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She also prefers a Buddhist or a freethinker and is at least as tall as her or 163 cm tall.

The woman recalled that her last relationship was when she was a student, noting that it hadn’t worked out due to incompatibility.

Busy with work and caring for her parents, the woman said: SMDN that she thought the matchmaking route would yield better results than online dating.

The man was reported to be earning less than her salary on her first date, which amounted to an annual salary in increments of less than S$100.

She filed a complaint with the agency and was given a free date. The woman was also unable to connect with the other men on her subsequent dates.

“One of them (her dates) was a little too old, and as for another date, I thought it was weird to share an ice cream with him on the first date. We exchanged contact details, (but) didn’t keep in touch,” she said SMDN.

According to the woman, it was not easy to make agreements with the adviser of the agency. One of them also became unreachable for several days after arranging a date.

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The consultant claimed to be involved in an accident, although the woman later discovered that the consultant had resigned.

The woman asked for a refund for the remaining two matches, as she was not satisfied with the agency’s services. However, the company declined her request and offered an upgrade to its package by adding two consultation sessions and an assigned dating coach.

The office told SMDN that the refund was “not in accordance with the company’s refund policy”.

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They are currently in contact with the woman to resolve the issue.

Accredited Dating Agencies in Singapore

The Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) has accredited dating agencies under the Social Development Network (SDN) online portal.

Singles can find friends or potential partners through the network and learn about dating and relationships.

“You can approach an SDN accredited dating agency to help you find that special someone. Accredited agencies receive the SDNTrust quality mark, a quality mark that symbolizes that the agency follows SDN guidelines and standards,” says MSF. /TISG

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