WSJ Poll: More Blacks and Latinos Vote Republican in Midterm Election


By Bethany Blankley (The Center Square)

A record number of black and Hispanic voters are expected to vote for Republicans in the midterm elections, according to a new analysis from the Wall Street Journal.

According to the findings, 17% of registered black voters said they would vote for a Republican candidate for Congress on Tuesday rather than a Democrat, more than double the percentage they did in 2020 and 2018.

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“The Republican Party has the support of a higher proportion of black voters than in other recent elections and has improved its standing among Latino voters in recent months, the latest Wall Street Journal poll shows. groups that have overwhelmingly favored Democratic candidates,” The Journal reports.

The Journal surveyed black voters in October and August and found that about 17% in both polls said they would prefer a Republican candidate for Congress over a Democrat. The Journal notes, “That’s a significantly higher proportion than the 8% of black voters who voted for former President Donald Trump in 2020 and the 8% who supported GOP candidates in 2018 House races,” pointing to an TBEN VoteCast poll.

While Hispanic voters in the Journal’s October poll still favor 5% Democratic congressional candidates over Republicans, that’s less than half of what it was in August when they elected Democrats over Republicans with 11%. In comparison, in 2020, according to VoteCast, Spanish voters preferred candidates from the US House of Representatives over Republicans.

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VoteCast also found that democratic support among Spanish voters was declining, mainly because of: worries about inflation and the deteriorating economy as a result of Biden’s policies.

Of the findings, John Anzalone, who led the Journal poll, said, “I think this could be a paradigm shift election, with Republicans invading not only the Latino vote, but now the African-American vote.”

Anzalone, who was President Joe Biden’s chief pollster in 2020, conducted the survey with Tony Fabrizio, who was Trump’s chief pollster in 2020.

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Fabrizio said of the findings, “It’s entirely possible that Republicans will hit a new high among both African-American and Hispanic voters in this election,” who have traditionally voted Democrat for decades.

The findings are consistent with other polls conducted earlier this year showing that in Texas, for example, according to a poll, more Hispanic Texans say the Democratic Party does not represent their values. According to another, Republican Congresswoman Mayra Flores of South Texas has a higher esteem among Hispanics than Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York.

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It also comes at a time when three congressional races in historic Democratic districts in the Texas border communities are considered key races that could signal a shift among Hispanic voters in the state.

If Republicans Flores, Monica De La Cruz and Cassie Garcia defeat their Democratic opponents on Tuesday, they will be the first Republicans to win in their congressional districts in Texas history.

The poll commissioned by Texas Latino Conservatives showed for the first time in history that a majority of Hispanic voters in Texas said the Republican Party better reflects their values ​​and priorities. The Republican Party was 15 points ahead of the Democratic Party because it was most associated with “hard work”; an 8 point lead for supporting small business owners; a 7-point lead for confirming the immigration system; a three point lead for ‘protecting my way of life’.

Border security remains a top issue for Hispanic Texas voters. When asked “Which immediate approach would you prefer to resolve the situation along the southern border,” 57% said: “Increase border security measures to prevent illegal migrants from crossing;” 27% said, “Allowing more illegal migrants to apply for asylum in the United States.” In South Texas, the margin was 60%-24%.

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The majority of those surveyed, 61%, said they were bothered by the Democratic Party’s direction; 57% said they disapproved of Biden’s job performance; 53% blame Biden for inflation; 53% blame him for the high gas prices.

The polls also came after two lifelong female Hispanic Democrat judges in the West Texas border counties switched sides and will vote as Republicans on Tuesday. Both judges were among the first to declare an invasion of the southern border on July 5, citing an immediate threat to the lives of their residents.

Terrell County Judge Dale Carruthers said when she announced the move: “I come from a Hispanic descent, who was a prominent Democrat. The chaos at the border and everything going on makes me realize I had to switch sides. I am very happy to be a Republican and to represent this great state of Texas as a judge.”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who joined Carruthers when she made the announcement, said Carruthers “changed parties because of Biden’s failed open-border policy,” and “joined a growing number of Hispanics who have left the Democratic Party. “

Both Abbott and the West Texas judges are expected to win re-election.

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