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WWE NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver
April 8, 2021
Capitol Wrestling Center (WWE Performance Center)
Orlando, Florida

We’re live with continued coverage of NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver (Night 2). Tonight’s show will air on both USA Network and Peacock.

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First part

Mickie James and Vic Joseph provided comments.

Breezango vs. Killian Dane and Drake Maverick
Dane and Maverick have a new musical theme. It was a decent pre-show match. There was a comedy at the start. Maverick and Dane won the match after Maverick pinned Fandango. The arrival took place after Dane propelled Maverick onto Fandango. Dane and Maverick will be the next team to fight for the NXT Tag tag team titles.

Main card

The show began with a performance by Poppy.

Unification of the NXT Cruiserweight Championship – Ladder Match
Jordan Devlin vs. Santos Escobar

They started the match by exchanging punches and then some standard pro wrestling. Minutes into the match, Devlin hit an impressive springboard on Escobar outside the ring. At this point, Devlin brought the ladder into the game and ultimately a second ladder.

From that point on, they did a lot of ladder points, including Devlin falling off the ladder and hitting a DDT on Escobar. Shortly after, Escobar took a running dive into the ropes which knocked Devlin down a ladder that stood at ringside.

Late in the match, Devlin hit a moonsault standing on Escobar from the top of the ladder in the ring. Devlin went for the title but Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza pulled him out and attacked him outside the ring. It was legal because there is no DQ in a ladder match. This allowed Escobar to climb but Devlin recovered in time so he could get up and throw a ladder at Escobar’s back. Devlin set up a second ladder next to Escobar in the ring and Devlin hit a Spanish fly to bring them both down the ladders.

The two men eventually climbed back to the top of a ladder, but Escobar pushed Devlin to send him crashing through a ladder. Santos went on to win the titles to become the undisputed champion.

Behind-the-scenes interview with MSK NXT Tag Team Champions.

NXT Tag Team Championship
Ember Moon and Shotzi Blackheart vs. Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell

There was a lot of chaos in this game including a turn of fate with all the women involved around 5 minutes away. Moon looked energetic and it’s the best she’s watched since returning to NXT.

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There was a frightening dive into the ropes by Blackheart and it was supposed for her to land on Hartwell and LeRae to catch up with her, but Blackheart ended up crashing landing on the ground first. She looked good though because she was up in seconds for the next spot. The finish was Moon hitting the Eclipse and Blackheart hitting the rear splash top on Hartwell for the pin.

They showed footage of Finn Balor and Karrion Kross preparing backstage. Next, they showed Gable Stevenson sitting at ringside with Canyon Cemen and Stephanie McMahon.

NXT North American Championship
Johnny Gargano vs. Bronson Reed

The story told here was that Reed had the height advantage, but he was at a disadvantage with a rib injury and he struggled last night. Gargano made movements that focused on Reed’s back and ribs.

Late in the game, Gargano nailed a sick-looking reverse hurricane. Gargano then moved on to the submission of the Gargano Escape, but Reed managed to get on the ropes to break the hold. Reed then hit a Razor’s Edge from the stage into the ring. Reed missed a splash on the top rope, Garano nailed a superkick and almost pinned Reed. Reed pulled Gargano out with a clothesline. Reed then tried another splash but got distracted by the theory and it gave Gargano time to get up so he could try a hurricane on the top rope. Reed blocked the movement, then attacked Gargano. The referee counted but Theory put Garano’s foot on the bottom rope.

Reed threw Garano at Theory, then he dove into the ropes. Gargano moved but Theory took the full force of the dive. Moments later, Garano hit a pair of superkicks but Reed countered with his own superkicked, then a missed moonsault due to Gargano moving. Gargano hit a pair of One Fina Beat DDT to retain the title.

NXT Championship
Finn Balor vs. Karrion Kross

Balor acted like he didn’t take things seriously because he was smiling after being bet by Kross in the opening minutes of the game. It backfired on Kross, but Balor outmaneuvered him and Kross charged into the ring post as Balor got out of the way.

Moments later Balor got Kross in an armband submission, Kross tried to counter but Balor countered and Kross’s arm hyperextended. Balor also worked on Kross ribs until Kross hit back with a kick to the stomach. Kross almost fell after hitting an electric bomb. Kross continued to hold his ribs throughout the game. Balor retaliated with his knees against the body and a double kick to the chest, followed by a kick to the chest.

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Late in the match, Balor hit the Coup de Grace at the top, but Kross sent off and then locked himself in the straitjacket submission. Balor broke free and hit another double stomp. Balor locked himself in an abdominal stretch submission but Kross broke free and nailed Balor with repeated hits to the back of the head, followed by a German suplex and Doomsday Saito suplex. Kross nailed Balor to the back of the head and pinned him to win the title.

Behind-the-scenes interview with Santos Escobar.

Match not allowed
Adam Cole vs. Kyle O’Reilly

They started with a hockey fight, then the match took place at ringside and several chairs were used around the ring and in the ring. About 10 minutes into the match, Cole was the first to be sent back to one of the chairs in the ring. O’Reilly tried to lock him into a submission but Cole rolled out of the ring and O’Reilly nailed him with a dropkick running over the ring apron and onto Cole, who was sitting in a ring edge chair .

Back in the ring, Cole went to grab a chair but O’Reilly punched her in the face. O’Reilly put a chain on the ring but Cole grabbed it and hit an executioner’s neckbreaker on the steel chain. O’Reilly wrapped a chain around his leg and he kicked Cole’s body but Cole quadruple countered. The two exchanged punches and the grip was broken.

Moments later, with O’Reilly positioned on a chair in the corner, Cole hit him with a shining wizard in a nearby drop. Cole tried to suplex O’Reilly on steel steps at ringside, but O’Reilly hit back with a dragon sleeper and a knee to the face. O’Reilly was about to slam Cole onto steel steps but he hesitated and Cole pushed him into the barricade but O’Reilly came back with a bullet in the face. The two traded punches on the announcer’s table, then O’Reilly suplexed Cole and the table didn’t break. Cole stood up and stumbled behind the barricade, O’Reilly followed him but Cole nailed him in the head with a TV screen.

Back in the ring, Cole pulled out a toolbox. Cole attempted to use tongs and an iron as weapons but O’Reilly retaliated by offending. O’Reilly hit a clothesline and brain buster and almost fell a pin. O’Reilly wrapped a chain around Cole’s arm, then applied a triangle choke, but Cole managed to grab a tire iron to hit O’Reilly in the ribs and that was enough to break the grip.

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They ended up sitting across from each other on chairs in the middle of the ring and they traded punches and forearms but Cole hit a low blow. Cole also hit a superkick, then he went for the pin, but O’Reilly kicked out. Cole then wrapped a chair around O’Reilly’s neck and the ref tried to talk him out of making a con-chair-to-spot. Cole hit the ref but it gave O’Reilly some time to recover. Cole then hit the Panama Sunrise but the ref was knocked out so he couldn’t count. Cole slapped the referee several times as O’Reilly exited the ring and headed for the ramp. They continued to fight around the ring.

Back on the ramp, O’Reilly locked himself in a guillotine submission while Cole was standing, then they crashed across the floor of the stage. Both men returned to the ring but O’Reilly fell to the other side of the ring as he had not recovered after crossing the stage earlier. Cole then hit a brain defender on the steel steps at ringside. The referee finally stood up to do a count in the ring as Cole tried to finish off O’Reilly. Cole tried to hit the running knee but O’Reilly collapsed. Cole tried again but O’Reilly dodged and rolled into a knee submission but Cole hit O’Reilly in the face with the chain.

Cole tried the Panama Sunrise but O’Reilly blocked and he dropped Cole on his knee and he followed with a running kick and Last Shot knee to the back of the head. Cole kicked out of the pin attempt. O’Reilly wrapped a chair around Cole’s leg so he could make a spot on the top rope but Cole stood up and nailed O’Reilly to the back of his head with the chair. Cole tried to do something high with O’Reilly but O’Reilly struck a low blow and Cole collapsed on a chair in the ring. O’Reilly wrapped the chain around his leg, then he rested his knee first on Cole’s neck. O’Reilly pinned him down to win the game.


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