WWE reportedly tried to harm AEW by leaking quick national audience numbers for Rampage


Voices of Wrestling reports that WWE has leaked the AEW Rampage National Quick Ratings in the past two weeks.

National Cable Fast measures the top 10 markets, but they are never reported because those numbers are hard to come by. However, in the past two weeks, as Rampage’s numbers have plummeted, those numbers have leaked to the media.

VOW says the leak was confirmed to them by media and it seems the intention is to give AEW bad press. The fast nationals were not disclosed as the numbers were strong for AEW.

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This isn’t the first time WWE has been accused of leaking stories in an attempt to harm AEW. In July, several reporters said WWE published a negative story that Domino’s Pizza was unhappy with the Nick Gage pizza-cutting spot on AEW Dynamite.

Here are the VOW tweets about the alleged story of the leaked notes:

Sean Ross Sapp responded to VOW’s tweet: “I have reported countless stories about WWE and other companies that have emerged elsewhere. You still have to check it. Yet the effort was obvious.


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