Xiang Yun & Pan Ling Ling sell ‘healthier’ mooncakes for S$168 for a box of 4


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Xiang Yun and Pan Ling Ling are selling traditional mooncakes under their Juxingji brand this year, which is also headed by celebrity chef Cao Yong.

Each box of four mooncakes costs € 168,-and comes with high-quality pu’er tea, along with a food-grade reusable wooden box.

The flavors are:

  • 1x mixed nuts
  • 1x pandan kaya with single yolk
  • 2x double yolk with white lotus paste

You can get your Juxingji mooncakes at a discounted price until the end of August:

  • Until August 9, 2022: €117.60 per box (30 percent discount)
  • Aug 10 – Aug 31, 2022: €134.40 per box (20 percent discount)

The trio’s first offering was a healthy yusheng, which also sold for S$138 in 2021 and S$168 this year.

Why so expensive?

At S$42 a mooncake – the price without discounts – you might shy away from the price.

But Cao told mothership they believe their customers pay for quality.

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“The wooden box itself is of good quality and if you only buy it in stores it can cost up to S$100,” he explains. “The tea that comes with the set is also a good quality tea that goes well with the mooncakes. We also use the best ingredients in our mooncakes.”

With less sugar in Juxingji’s mooncakes, Cao stated that their offerings are “healthier” than most mooncakes.

The chef added that the price of their mooncakes should not be compared to most on the market, as their production costs “differ greatly”. They also keep the number of sets available “very limited” to ensure consistency.

Cao said, “It’s the quality you pay for.”

Pan and Xiang agreed:

“What we want to give our customers is also the experience of giving their loved ones a nice gift. Our mooncakes are wrapped in a traditional-looking cloth, similar to the one we used for the yusheng.

We received feedback from our customers that their loved ones were very impressed with both the packaging and the product, for which we are very grateful.”

Taste tested

Cao joked about how Xiang and Pan were so picky during the R&D (research and development) process that he is “confident that anyone who tries it will like it.”

The trio unanimously agreed that Pan was the pickiest, as she paid attention not only to the taste, but also to how the ingredients were layered in the mooncake.

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Pan and Xiang also asked younger people to help with the taste test.

Xiang said, “The younger generation prefers snowflake mooncakes to traditional ones, but we wanted to come up with something that would cater to all tastes and age groups.”

Both actresses recalled how their respective offspring — Xiang has a 22-year-old daughter, Chen Yixin, and a 31-year-old son, Chen Xi, while Pan has two sons, Beckham, 22, and Kynaston, 20 — were initially hesitant to to try the traditional mooncakes but loved Juxingji’s so much they asked for more.

Limited quantities

Just like their yusheng, of which they have only sold 1,000 sets, there will be only 800 sets of mooncakes for sale.

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Of the 800 sets, 200 have been reserved by their regular customers.

When their website went live on July 29, they’ve already sold “about seven or eight boxes” – meaning fewer than 600 sets available.

They are only available for purchase online, as Juxingji does not have a physical store. Orders will be shipped from August 15, 2022.

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