Yankees, Mets won’t chase Trevor Bauer – who may need a ‘team on another planet’


The Mets and Yankees will not go for Trevor Bauer, according to sources, either in trade by Friday’s TBEN or as a free agent.

The Mets “dodged a bullet” when he was out two years ago, according to a Mets person. The Yankees could never consider him; ace Gerrit Cole was the first to dislike Bauer in their UCLA days.

It is unclear whether Bauer – who has recovered from his 194-game suspension – will get an MLB job. Many baseball execs in the sport would love to take a chance on such a great talent, but the question will be whether they own it. The Dodgers partially DFA’d him (instead of an outright release) to try and give themselves a chance to trade him from their division. They wanted to make sure the Padres didn’t sign him. Turns out the Padres won’t either, as the San Diego Union-Tribune first reported.

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A baseball decision maker opined that it should be a “team on another planet.” But with pitching at a premium, that may not be true. The Dodgers have until Friday to trade him, and if they can’t, he becomes a free agent. He is said to have been well behaved while a Cincinnati Red, so he is speculated (unconfirmed).

The Yankees and Mets will not chase Trevor Bauer.

Trevor Story’s elbow surgery means they will need short stop assistance and will sign one or two middle infielders. Elvis Andrus, Jose Iglesias (who started in Boston), and Josh Harrison are considerations.

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The Giants look to Gary Sanchez, who dramatically improved according to his defensive stats.

Three teams would consider Aroldis Chapman.

Aroldis Chapman pitches for the Yankees against the Orioles on October 2, 2022.
Aroldis Chapman pitches for the Yankees against the Orioles on October 2, 2022.
Charles Wenzelberg/New York Post

Carlos Correa set a record that will not be broken for a while. He agreed to $865 million in deals this winter.