Yellow Card – The Best Way To Get Started With Bitcoin


Yellow Card aims to make your investment in Bitcoin simple, fast and secure.

Investors are reaping tremendous value from their cryptocurrency investments.

If you want to join the Bitcoin revolution, however, it can be a daunting endeavor.

That’s why Yellow Card exists – to make it easier for newbies to start their Bitcoin journey.

It does this through its intuitive platform which eliminates any confusing element and streamlines the Bitcoin investment process.

Simple platform

Yellow Card aims to make your investment in Bitcoin simple, fast and secure.

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The key to this is the fact that Yellow Card works using a B2C model rather than a P2P model.

This means that you buy and sell your bitcoin to and from Yellow Card, rather than making transactions with other investors.

Yellow Card is therefore almost like a bitcoin store where you simply buy and sell your cryptocurrency from the seller.

By removing intermediaries, Yellow Card also saves you money.

Configure your account

The Yellow Card signup process is straightforward – follow these three easy steps:

  1. Create an account – You can do this through your web browser or by using Yellow Card’s Android and iOS apps. Enter your basic information to get started.
  2. Fund your account – Deposit money into your account by instant electronic transfer
  3. Buy or sell crypto – You can trade Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether at the best rates and with no trading fees.
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You can also rest assured that Yellow Card places the security of your data high on its list of priorities.

It uses multi-signature wallets to secure your funds and its distributed system is completely designed with an emphasis on data security.

Promotion R50

To get you started, Yellow Card has a great promotion for BusinessTech readers.

When you sign up for Yellow Card for the first time, you can trade bitcoin worth R50 – absolutely free.

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All you have to do is use the referral code BUSTECH when you sign up for the yellow card service.

This option becomes available when you download the Yellow Card application.

Download the iOS app here.
Download the Android app here.



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